From taco stands to fine dining, the aromatic food, wines and spirits of Mexico will tantalize your taste buds.

From the finest dining of haute Mexican cuisine to street-side taco stands, Mexico has it all, packed with flavor, color and beautiful presentation. Savory chili salsas, smoky chipotles, juicy lime and aromatic spices are just some of the flavors of Mexico that adorn the delicious plates of fresh seafood, meats, chicken, and vegetables.

Wine lovers can enjoy wine tours in Baja or the Central Highlands — both seeing a wine-producing renaissance. For something a little stronger, enjoy tastings of the finest tequilas, mezcals and raicillas.

At Journey Mexico we can tailor your culinary experience so that you are enjoying a food tour one day, cooking class the next, then sipping mezcal with your meal at one of Mexico’s award-winning restaurants.


Use the itineraries below to generate ideas for your vacation. Each itinerary is completely customizable – you choose your dates, accommodations, activities and more to create your perfect Mexico holiday.

Weekend Tequila Experience

Destination:  ,
Days: 4

This 4 day trip is perfect for an extended weekend to learn about Mexico’s most iconic emblem of tequila. Indulge in VIP experiences to create your own master blend tequila…

Spirit of Mexico: San Miguel Allende & Tequila Experience

Days: tba

Discover the Antiguo Camino Real, the original trail Spanish Conquistadors used to transport silver and treasures, with stays at a vintage Hacienda…

Best Of Oaxaca: Culture, Mezcal, & Beach

Destination:  ,
Days: 9

The best of what Oaxaca has to offer. Spend your days strolling the friendly city center, meet the families of nearby local communities to learn about their indigenous traditions..

Culinary Tour Through Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca

Destination:  , ,
Days: 12

Taste your way through Mexico’s divine history by sampling some of the finest gastronomic offerings in all of the country with renowned chefs and local families…

Food, Wine and Tequila in Colonial Mexico

Destination:  ,
Days: 8

This trip will captivate your senses through personalized private tours, an exclusive tequila tasting, hands-on cooking classes, visits to boutique wineries and more…

Oaxaca Incentive Autentico

Days: 6

Oaxaca Incentive – this itinerary highlights the important cultural traditions of the region. Taste some local cuisine, learn how to weave like the locals and visit fantastic ruins.

Oaxaca Master Chef Trip

Days: 8

The Oaxaca Master Chef Trip takes you on a culinary journey into Oaxacan cuisine and explores many indigenous traditions with visits to ruins and villages…

A Taste of Puebla Culinary Tour

Days: 5

This trip is designed to stimulate your taste buds with the unforgettable traditional food and drink of the Puebla region as well as teach you how to…

Valley of Guadalupe Wine & Cheese Tour

Days: 5

The Valley of Guadalupe Wine & Cheese Tour is the perfect getaway for lovers of fine wine and delicious food…

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