Why Custom Made Itineraries?

With a custom itinerary, you are in control and design your very own Mexican holiday.

When you work closely with your personal travel specialist or a Journey Mexico Travel Planner, you have the benefit of speaking with an expert on luxury travel within Mexico – a professional who will work with you to identify your desires and sculpt a truly unique vacation.

If your perfect holiday is a lively weekend in a modern Mexican city followed by a few days of relaxation on a beautiful beach, that is not a problem. If you want some outdoor adventure mixed with amazing, insider-access cultural experiences, we can arrange that. Want to travel with your dog? We know places that Fido will love. Care to be picked up at the airport in a hybrid SUV and stay at a 5-star hotel with a world-class restaurant that serves gluten-free, vegetarian Mexican cuisine; we know it or will find it. No matter your desire, together we can build a trip designed just for you.

And because we are in Mexico and have the closest relationships possible with our partners, we are able to provide unmatched access, value and insights to the best that Mexico has to offer.