Why Custom Made Itineraries?

With our custom-made itineraries, every minute of your Mexico vacation has been thoroughly considered and fine-tuned to maximize your enjoyment.

You’ll work with a Journey Mexico Travel Planner and benefit from speaking to a true expert on luxury travel within Mexico – a highly knowledgeable professional who will help to identify your dream getaway and sculpt a truly unique and unforgettable vacation.

And because we’re based in Mexico and work on a first-name basis with our partners, we’re able to provide unmatched access and value to the country’s most exclusive and exciting activities.

Fancy a luxurious weekend in a bustling metropolis? We’ve got it covered.

Crave the ultimate wellness getaway? We know the spot.

Want to conquer towering mountains or rolling surf? Come with us.

With our custom-made itineraries, your dream vacation becomes a reality.