Ancient Mayan cities, lush jungles, indigenous highlands, alpine lakes and rich traditions make Chiapas an attractive and fascinating state.

From its lush tropical lowlands to its indigenous highlands, Chiapas attracts more travelers and trekkers than typical tourists. Local festivals, exquisite Mayan ruins, diverse nature and a rich blend of colonial and indigenous cultures make trips to the region fascinating travel experiences. The howler monkeys, jaguars, and numerous avian species all occupy your senses when you descend into the lush valleys or climb to the tops of Mayan temples.


Use the itineraries below to generate ideas for your vacation. Each itinerary is completely customizable – you choose your dates, accommodations, activities and more to create your perfect Mexico holiday.

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Chiapas Indigenous Market Tours

Hours: 4 - 8

Discover the indigenous markets of Chiapas with three fully immersive tours: to Tenejapa Market; to San Juan Cancúc Market; and to Zin... read more »

Ancient Maya Ruins on the Usumacinta River

Hours: 9

Uncover the ancient world of the Maya people who lived near the Usumacinta River, the dividing water between modern day Mexico and Guat... read more »

San Cristobal de las Casas

17-day Journey Through Southern Mexico

Discover the fascinating history, rich culture and natural wonders of southern Mexico. This unique itinerary is specially designed to e... read more »


The Archeological Mayan Journey

Destination:  ,
Days: 10

Immerse yourself in Mayan culture and history by visiting the region's most important Mayan Archaeological Sites and villages... read more »

Yucatan Ecotour

Yucatan Ecotour

Destination:  ,
Days: 13

Explore every inch of the Yucatan on this Ecotour, visiting Mayan ruins, charmind cities, pristine reserves, and impressive waterfalls.... read more »

8-day Chiapas Adventure: Ziplines, Waterfalls, and Ruins

Days: 8

Immerse yourself in Chiapas, a trip that is a perfect mixture of adventure, nature, and cultural history in Mexico as you explore jungl... read more »

San Juan Chamula Masks

Sacred Temples & Ancient Rituals

Destination:  , ,
Days: 7

The Spiritual Journey Through Mexico immerses you in the mysterious history of Mayan, Aztec, and Olmec cultures by visiting ruins, sacr... read more »

9-day Best of Chiapas Trip: Ruins, Rafting, and Lakes

Days: 9

Immerse yourself in Chiapas, a trip that is a perfect mixture of adventure, nature, and cultural history in Mexico as you explore jungl... read more »

Chiapas: A Journey Through Mexico Less Visited

Days: 7

Chiapas: A Journey Through Mexico Less Visited provides a diverse look at Mexico’s Southwest and the Mundo Maya regions...... read more »

Chiapas Travel Highlights:

  • Palenque – Defined as one of the most important cities of the Mayan World, the ancient city of Palenque is surrounded by jungle. Howler monkeys growl overhead as you explore the temples and inscriptions found throughout the site.
  • Bonampak and Yaxchilan – The archeological zone at Bonampak boasts some of the best-preserved murals in the Mayan world, while Yaxchilan, an ancient Mayan city accessible only by boat, makes you feel like a real Indiana Jones.
  • Agua Azul – The water of this wide and majestic force of nature powers down in cascades of beautiful, translucent blue. A series of interconnected waterfalls rich with minerals culminate in a large pool, perfect for a refreshing dip.
  • San Cristóbal de Las Casas – Replete with cobblestone streets, quaint cafes and lively markets, San Cristobal is a vibrant, colonial city in the Chiapas highlands. The many museums, workshops, restaurants and bars make this a great base from which to explore Chiapas.
  • Sumidero Canyon – This 1000-meter high canyon sits just outside the city limits of Chiapas’ capital Tuxtla Gutierrez. Resplendent with wildlife, including crocodiles, spider monkeys and varied birdlife, a boat trip through its waters makes for a wonderful experience.
  • Tuxtla Gutierrez – The gateway city into Chiapas, Tuxtla provides a convenient location to begin or end an adventure in Mexico. A bustling commercial hub with wonderful restaurants and an exciting nightlife.
  • Montebello Lakes – Stunning lakes with multicolored waters surrounded by pine trees are perfect for a boat ride, a hike or just a tranquil wander.