Ancient Mesoamerican culture, port cities, impressive archeological sites and vibrant carnival celebrations make the Gulf of Mexico an interesting and varied area.

The Gulf Coast of Mexico stretches from the United States border at Matamoros all the way to the Yucatan Peninsula. Many of the cities along the Gulf of Mexico are known for the ancient Olmec culture, fascinating archeological sites, important ports and carnival celebrations.

Gulf Coast Highlights:

  • Veracruz – Veracruz city is a major port city on the Gulf of Mexico. The state is culturally diverse with Spanish, African, Cuban and indigenous ethnic groups. The city’s museums tell the story of Veracruz’s history during the conquest of Mexico.
  • Villahermosa –  As a key provincial center and gateway city, Villahermosa boasts numerous architectural and cultural attractions.  The outer districts of the city are home to luxury hotels, modern shopping malls, and spacious parks.
  • Papantla – An important vanilla producing area, Papantla is also known for its indigenous ritual called the Dance of the Flyers. The nearby archeological site of El Tajín is famous for its architectural niches, unique in the Mesoamerican world.


The Magical Towns of Veracruz

Destination:  ,
Days: 9

The Magical Towns of Veracruz embarks on a journey through the most beautifully quaint and historically rich areas of the state. It also covers Veracruz City and Xalapa, two very important cities.

All Natural Mexico

Destination:  ,
Days: 8

This trip is a memorable adventure taking in three different areas of Mexico: Puebla, the Gulf Coast, and the Yucatan Peninsula…

Gulf Coast Ruins and Traditions

Days: 10

This trip is perfect for travelers looking to immerse themselves in a lesser known side of Mexico’s Gulf Coast . The trip starts in the beautiful Villahermosa and make way to Tlaxcala, visiting interesting towns…

Natural Tabasco

Days: 7

The Natural Tabasco trip discovers the highlights of this Mexican state, in and around Villahermosa.

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