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Beyond the Beaches: Get Up Close and Personal with Mexico’s Wildlife

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A Unique Encounter With Mexico’s Monarch Butterflies

by  Richard Scotti and Traudel Schottenloher Our vision for our recent adventure travels with Journey Mexico was to explore spectacular… Read more »

Monarch Butterflies Are on Their Way to Mexico

Exciting news has come out of Michoacan today as the state has announced that this upcoming November 25th will be… Read more »

The Wonders of Mexico

Las Maravillas de Mexico  – The 13 Wonders of Mexico is a list of a total of 26 incredible places in… Read more »

Mexico’s Top Wildlife Adventures

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National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” 2013: Mexico

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2013 Mexico Travel Bucket List

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The Monarch Butterfly Migration: Amazing Nature Travel to Mexico

For several weeks each year, the oyamel fir trees of Michoacan, Mexico, are transformed into a breathtaking backdrop for one… Read more »

Ecotourism in Mexico – Top 5 Tours

Ecotourism in Mexico – Top 5 Tours

At Journey Mexico, we take a responsible approach to tourism. In addition to luxury vacations, we offer the best options… Read more »

The Monarch Butterfly Reserves Near Michoacan (Mariposa Monarca)

The Monarch Butterfly Reserves Near Michoacan (Mariposa Monarca)

It’s hard to believe that the dramatic orange-and-black monarch butterflies that flit around your garden make an epic journey each… Read more »

Mexico Shines as a Family/Eco Travel Destination

Mexico Shines as a Family/Eco Travel Destination

#MexicoToday: Mexico was recently featured as one of the world’s top five destinations for family eco-travel in a recent article… Read more »

Flight of the Monarch Exhibit in Chicago

Flight of the Monarch Exhibit in Chicago

The Peggy Notebaert Museum Nature Museum is celebrating the annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly as a natural link between Mexico, the US, and Canada with an exhibit that debuts this Saturday in Chicago.