The Wonders of Mexico

Las Maravillas de Mexico  – The 13 Wonders of Mexico is a list of a total of 26 incredible places in Mexico – 13 natural wonders and 13 man-made wonders. Of the 26, Journey Mexico has visited all but 2. Below is a collection of our photos that we personally have taken during our travels through Mexico and visiting each of the wonders.

13 Manmade Wonders in Mexico

1) Centro Historico in Mexico City
2) Subterranean streets in Guanajuato
3) Paseo Santa Lucia in Monterrey
4) Teotihucan in Mexico State
5) Monte Alban in Oaxaca
6) Palenque in Chiapas
7) El Tajin in Veracruz
8) Mazatlan, Sinaloa
9) Chichen Itza, Yucatann
10) Tulum, Quintana Roo
11) Calakmul, Campeche
12) Chepe al Pacifico train, Chihuahua
13) Xochicalco, Morelos


13 Natural Wonders in Mexico

1) The Reefs of Veracruz
2) Copper Canyon’s Natural Park
3) Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas
4) Cuatro Cienegas in Coahuila
5) El Cielo
6) The Pinacate Desert in Sonora
7) Monarch Butterflies
8) Pantados de Centla in Tabasco
9) The Peña of Bernal, Queretaro
10) Basaltic prisms (Prismas Basálticos) in Santa Maria Regla, Hidalgo
11) The Swallow’s Cave (Sótano de las Golondrinas), San Luis Potosi
2) Xel-Ha in Quintana Roo
13) The Agave fields in Jalisco

2 Responses to “The Wonders of Mexico”

  1. Lindsey Baker-Ricciardelli

    Hi Jessica,

    Has Journey Mexico been to San Felipe, Baja California? Located in Mulege, approximately 50 miles from the center of San Felipe dwell thousands of man-made ancient cave paintings. Arrangements of rock art in images of men, women, and animals are drawn to human-scale and colored with red, brown, and yellow hues. These paintings tell the story of the first settlers who journeyed through the peninsula and settled in Baja.

    Also, 20 minutes south of San Felipe is the Valle de los Sahuaros (Valley of the Giants). This natural reserve is home to the world’s largest cactus, the Cardon Cactus. The Valley of the Giants has been described by visitors as the cactus forest of the Mexican desert and the equivalent to the California Redwoods. Pictures are a must! The scenery is spectacular and the sheer size of the cacti is hard to believe without photos for evidence. Some loom up to 70 feet and are said to live to over 150 years. You could do both over a weekend. Great experiences.


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