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When to visit

The best time to visit Mexico varies greatly depending on where (and why) you’re visiting. Its diverse landscape and climate… Read more »

Why Mexico

Proximity – Going to Mexico has never been easier. For US and Canadian Travelers, with over 50 international airports throughout the… Read more »

Sustainable Tourism

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL Journey Mexico is committed to low impact, environmentally, and socially sensitive travel that… Read more »

Adventure Travel in Mexico

Journey Mexico recently traveled to Veracruz for Mexico’s first adventure trade show, ATMEX, where participants not only learned about Mexico’s… Read more »

May 2012 Newsletter

Last chance to catch the May issue of the Journey Mexico Newsletter and take advantage of this month’s fantastic hotel… Read more »

10 Reasons to Visit Mexico This Summer

According to an Orbitz report, Mexico has two out of the top three spots on Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations 2010. If that’s not enough of a reason to book a trip, here are ten more:

Our Mexico: Nature

Mexico is such a vast and visually stunning country that we at Journey Mexico have decided to showcase the nature,… Read more »