10 Reasons to Visit Mexico This Summer

According to an Orbitz report, Mexico has two of the top three spots on Top 10 Summer Travel Destinations 2010. If that’s not enough of a reason to book a trip, here are ten more:

1. It’s the value season – Because most people travel to Mexico to avoid the cold winter, summertime is considered the low season. During low season (May – October), you can take advantage of real value offerings in many luxury properties and avoid crowds in some of Mexico’s spectacular sites.

2. Water, water everywhere. While many travelers flock to the world class beaches of Mexico, we have quite a few sources of cool refreshing water that are perfect destinations for summer travel!  Natural pools called cenotes –secluded and revitalizing – are scattered around the Yucatan Peninsula and provide a delicious respite from the heat in between visits to mystical Mayan ruins.  Rushing rivers cruise through Mexico’s canyons (the Copper Canyon, Sumidero Canyon) and to the coasts offering rafting, canoeing, kayaking and swimming.   Mexico’s mountain lakes stay cool throughout the hottest months of summer and their energizing waters invite a dip whether on a hike, a day trip or even a shopping trip!  The Sea of Cortez has been named “the World’s Aquarium” and has marine wildlife beyond your wildest dreams.

3. Travel the highlands – A country of much geographic diversity, Mexico has highland regions that stay cooler in the summer and are unique cultural destinations.  Towns such as San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Patzcuaro, San Cristobal de las Casas, and Oaxaca dot the Mexican countryside and are fabulous spots for watching local artisans make original crafts.

4. Natural wonders of summer– Whale sharks season in the Yucatan Peninsula is in the summer and swimming with these majestic beasts is the experience of a lifetime!  If you are looking for an experience with a smaller sort of marine life, assisting with sea turtle nesting along the Pacific Coast is a great adventure for the whole family this summer.  These little hatchlings fit in the palm of your hand and find their way into your heart!

5. White water rafting in Veracruz – The River Antigua, River Filobobos, and River Actopan in Verzcruz offer world class rafting levels II, III, IV and V.  These exciting rapids run through lush mountains and along valleys sprinkled with small haciendas.  You can also explore recently uncovered archeological ruins in the area, or, when you need to dry off a bit, try your hand at fishing, birding or mountain biking.

6. Surfing along the Pacific Coast  – Any of the numerous south-facing beaches along the Pacific Coast pick up summer swells and surfers worldwide flock to the shores seeking the wave of the season!  The beauty of this stretch of coast is that while there are quite a few well known breaks, there are just as many desolate surf spots where you and your friends will be the only ones in the water!  Nothing like the crowds of Southern California.

7. Guelaguetza in Oaxaca – The festival of sharing, Guelaguetza, is celebrated in the city of Oaxaca as well as the surrounding pueblos on the last two Mondays of July.  Local dances to honor Centeotl, the goddess of corn, combined with other traditional folk dances make this celebration a foot stomping and heart warming holiday!

8. Our Green Season – While it rains during the summer months for much of May, June, and July, this is relegated to afternoon showers.  The amazing off-shoot of this is that Mexico’s countryside breaks out into a myriad of Greens from the tropical low-lands to the patchwork and fertile agricultural highlands.  A far cry from the cactus and desert imagery that Mexico is known for, our green season is a refreshing splash of lush color.

9. Eat, drink, and make merry- People from all over the world visit Mexico to enjoy its delicious cuisine – from the taco stands in the streets to unforgettably fresh seafoodserved in open air, beachside restaurants. Oaxacan cuisine is like nothing you’ve tasted, and the wine from Baja’s valleys rivals those of California and Australia and is sure to elevate your dining experiences from incredible to divine.

10. After your meal, how about some fine spirits to raise your spirit!! – It’s not real if it wasn’t distilled and bottled here in Mexico. The state of Jalisco, in the colonial heartland of Mexico, is the Tequila capital of the world. The actual town of Tequila is just outside one of Mexico’s most charming cities, Guadalajara, where you are sure to find the smoothest Tequila you’ve ever tasted at prices you’ve never seen.

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