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Posadas in Mexico, a Christmas Tradition

For many Mexicans, the word posadas evokes chilly nights surrounded by family and friends, singing, enjoying a warm meal, and… Read more »

Nine gorgeous places to spend the holiday season in Mexico in 2019

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The Christmas Season and Holidays in Mexico

Holidays in Mexico begin by observing the religious traditions on December 12th and does not finish until February 2nd. Filled with posadas, Noche… Read more »

Holiday Season in Oaxaca

It is an incredible time to be in Mexico as one gets to experience profound and unique traditional unlike the… Read more »

Holidays in Mexico and the History of the Traditional Nativity Scene

If you’re planning on visiting Mexico during the holidays, you will be sure to come across the traditional Nativity scene…. Read more »

The Best Cooking Vacation to Mexico for Winter 2013 is in Oaxaca

Are you thinking about your winter vacation?  If you’ve never been on a culinary vacation, you’ve been missing out. Mexico… Read more »

Christmas in Mexico: Rich in Culture and Tradition

If you’re planning to spend the Holidays in sunny Mexico this season, you’ll trade any chance of snow for a… Read more »

Matteo’s Moments: Dia de la Candelaria

Today’s Matteo’s Moments is a follow up to the Jan. 6th, Día de Los Reyes webisode in which Jenny, Andrea,… Read more »

Matteo’s Moments: La Rosca de Reyes (King’s Ring Cake)

Matteo’s Moments: La Rosca de Reyes (King’s Ring Cake)

Rich in Culture and Tradition, Holiday Season in Mexico isn’t over yet. On January 6th, Mexico celebrates a tradition called La… Read more »

Celebrate the Feast of Guadalupe in Mexico This December

Just before Christmas each year, religious pilgrims and tourists alike descend on the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City to… Read more »