The Magical Towns of Veracruz


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Days: 9


Explore the magical towns of Veracruz on a nine-day journey of cultural discovery, ancient civilizations, and natural beauty. The “magical towns” include some of Veracruz’s Pueblos Magicos, a title awarded by the Mexican government to extra-special towns for their “magical qualities”.

Begin with an exploration of Veracruz, the lively city within the state of the same name, before touring the archeological site of Zempoala and, if they’re around, witnessing the famous Voladores de Papantla (a troupe of daredevil performers who swing from a tall pole attached by a rope around their ankles).

Next, tour the local magical towns of Veracruz, including Catemaco, Xalapa, Coatepec, and Naolinco. Along the way, enjoy privately guided tours to learn all about these fascinating and beautiful traditional towns.

Veracruz city tour – Explore this lively city with a private guide, visiting colonial buildings and the fortifications built to protect against pirates

Xalapa – Visit the capital of Veracruz and its spectacular Anthropology Museum, which exhibits the ancient work of Olmec, Huastec, and Totonac artists

Catemaco – Tour Catemaco and its surrounding regions, visiting the local macaque monkeys and the famous statue of La Virgen del Carmen

Coatepec – Tour Coatepec, a celebrated Pueblo Magico known for producing outstanding coffee

Day 1: Arrival to Veracruz

After arriving at the airport, meet a local guide and enjoy private transportation to a charming hotel in the historic city center of Veracruz. Relax and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure.


Day 2: Private tour of Veracruz

Today, enjoy a privately guided city tour of Veracruz, one of the most important ports in the country. Visit its gorgeous, colonial buildings and monumental fortifications, which once defended the population against the attacks of treacherous pirates.


Day 3: Tour of La Antigua and Zempoala archeological site

Enjoy a privately guided tour of La Antigua, a small municipality in Veracruz, and the archeological site of Zempoala (or Cempoala).

At the latter, find a Mesoamerican archeological site surrounded by lush foliage and rich agricultural land. At the time of the Spanish Conquest, it was the principal city of the Totonac and, while most buildings date from the 14th and 15th centuries, the area was populated at least 1,500 years earlier.

On weekends and during vacation months, guests may also see the famous Voladores de Papantla – a group of high-flying performers who strap themselves to a tall pole via their ankles and twirl their way down.


Day 4: Catemaco private tour

Enjoy a privately guided tour of Catemaco and its surrounding areas, first visiting the 40-ton Olmec head in Santiago Tuxtla and a cigar factory.

In Catemaco itself, board a boat for a ride on Lake Catemaco, visit the local macaque monkeys, and see La Virgen del Carmen, a small statue that attracts thousands of pilgrims annually who are seeking divine help from the Virgin.


Day 5: Xalapa

Enjoy a brief orientation tour of Xalapa, a highland city in the middle of Mexico’s prime coffee-growing region and the capital of Veracruz state.

This beautiful university town has the best music school in the country, part of the University of Veracruz, and is known for its symphony orchestra.

With bearings in place, guests can enjoy the rest of the afternoon at leisure.


Day 6: Xalapa and waterfalls near Xico

Enjoy a full city tour of Xalapa, strolling the steep streets and paved alleys. Along the way, admire Xalapa’s interesting mix of architectural styles, which includes everything from Gothic to neoclassical, renaissance to French, contemporary, and modern.

After, visit the waterfalls close to the small city of Xico.


Day 7: Private tour of Xalapa Anthropology Museum and El Lencero

Enjoy a privately guided tour of the Xalapa Anthropology Museum, learning more about the area’s indigenous people. See excellent examples of Olmec megalithic heads and a fascinating collection of Totonac pieces.

Next, tour El Lencero (occasionally called the Museo de Muebles or Furniture Museum), which was once the home of Antonio López de Santa Anna, a former president of Mexico.

Furniture from Mexico, Europe, and Asia fills the rooms, illustrating the cosmopolitan tastes of Mexico’s upper classes during the 19th century. Among the more notable pieces is the leader’s bed, embellished with the national emblem (an eagle holding a serpent in its beak).


Day 8: Coatepec and Naolinco

Take a private tour of Coatepec, a Pueblo Magico famous for its coffee fields, greenhouses, aromatic liquors, and excellent cuisine. Hip cafes and coffee roasters can be found on every corner, and the heavy smell of coffee permeates the town.

After, head to Naolinco, a picturesque town located in the Chiconquiaco mountain range. Here, find a dreamy blend of red-roofed houses, gorgeous balconies, and colorful facades.


Day 9: Departure

Enjoy a private transfer from the hotel to the airport for onward flights home.


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