Mexico Tourism: Facts & Statistics 2015

Tourism in Mexico Facts and Statistics 2015


    • Mexico was ranked in number 10 in international tourists arrivals in 2014.
    • Mexico was ranked in number 9 in international tourists’ arrivals in 2015.
    • 32.1 million international tourists visited Mexico in 2015, increasing 9.5% from 2014.
    • The growth rate of international tourist arrivals to Mexico is more than three percentage points higher than the growth rate of tourism in the world, estimated at 4.4% for the first four months of 2015 by the World Tourism Organization
    • Guadalajara was ranked #2 as the Best Places to Travel in 2016 by Travel + Leisure
    • Tulum was named as #1 destination on the rise for 2016 by TripAdvisor
The following data is from January – October 2015
      • 25.8 million international tourists visited Mexico, increasing 9.7% from last year.
      • American passengers by air were confirmed as the main market. A total 6,855,624 visited the country in from January to October 2015, an increase of 16.1% from the same period in 2014.
      • The economic benefit generated by international visitors rose to $14.151 billion USD from January to October this year, which represents a growth of 8.2% over the same period in 2014.
The following data is from January to June 2015
      • In the first six months of 2015, 7,886.19 thousands of tourists entered the country by air, which represents a growth rate of 10%.
      • 1130 thousands of tourists entered by land, which represents a 11.4% growth rate, compared with the same period of time in last year.

Source: MSLGroup for The Mexican Tourism Board //

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