Mexico City Named One Of World’s Top Destinations For 2019

A blossoming gastronomic culture has seen Mexico City named as one of the world’s most exciting destinations for 2019.

The Mexican capital, home to many of the world’s finest restaurants, made National Geographic’s Best Trips 2019 list with huge praise for its flourishing foodie scene.

Nat Geo honored the city’s burgeoning saying: “These chefs and tortilla radicals are in step with a cadre of musicians and artists in the city who are expressing themselves with a renewed sense of pride in all that is Mexican.”



If you agree with National Geographic (and us) and think Mexico City is the perfect place for you 2019 holiday, check out our top tips below…


What to do

Explore Mexico City’s cultural and artistic heritage with a visit to Frida Kahlo’s Blue House. The iconic building, once home to Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, is now one of the city’s most popular museums.

Head there to discover some of Kahlo’s most important work including Long Live Life (1954) and Portrait of My Father Wilhelm Kahlo (1952).

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What to eat

Visit the Mucho Mundo Chocolate Museum for a gastronomic exploration of the world’s favorite sweet treat. Appreciate artisanal cacao and explore chocolate in all of its delicious, indulgent and scrumptious forms.

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Where to stay

For a weekend stint at one of the most luxurious stays in Mexico City, opt for Siqueiros Dream. The three-bed lodging in the up-scale Polanco neighborhood was once the studio of celebrated Mexican artist, David Alfaro Siqueiros. Now, it has been converted into an ultra-chic living space with a private terrace area with magnificent views over CDMX.

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