Discover San Cristóbal de las Casas with a Stay at the Splendid Hotel Bo

Nestled in the Central Highlands of Mexico, in the state of Chiapas sits the incredibly picturesque town of San Cristóbal de las Casas at an elevation of 2,200 m (7,200 ft). This charming town was founded by the Spanish as a military fort in 1528 and is the cultural center of the state and a hub for exploring this region brimming with rich history and natural wonders.

As you tour the streets of San Cris, as it is known by many, you will sense the Spanish colonial history in the cobblestone streets, colorful Baroque and Moorish buildings, old Cathedral and the city center.  You will also experience the still present indigenous population and the highly visible culture in the markets, on the streets, and in the neighboring communities.  You may even need to find creative ways to communicate with some of the local who only speak indigenous languages.

Whether strolling the very “walkable” streets downtown or arranging a guided day tour to some of the incredible places nearby, like El Chiflon waterfall, indigenous community of Chamula, or the breathtaking Sumidero Canyon, a stay in San Cristóbal is a must for Mexico enthusiasts.   And when in town, a stay at the luxurious boutique Hotel Bo is also a must.


Hotel Bo

With an absolutely ideal location coupled with a cozy, luxurious atmosphere, Hotel Bo is the perfect stay for your San Cristóbal experience.  This unparalleled property expertly combines the authentic colonial spirit of the town with modern design and amenities, creating a truly unique space.  As you are greeted at the door, set on a quaint, traditional Mexican street, and enter this luxurious hotel, you are captivated by the interior design that combines the textures and colors of Chiapas with a modern, yet 1970’s décor vibe, that works perfectly.   This luxury-chic atmosphere flows throughout the entire property, from the lobby, to the library, to the courtyard to the impeccable rooms.  Everywhere you look, you’ll notice the stunning attention to detail which makes this property the only place to stay in San Cristóbal for sophisticated travels.


LUM Restaurant

One of the highlights of Hotel Bo is its restaurant, LUM.  With a beautiful and open dining space and outdoor patio incorporating the exclusive design elements of the hotel, LUM is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal.  At LUM, meaning “earth” in local Tzotzil language, the Chefs source local, fresh and in-season ingredients of the highest quality, paying respect to the natural richness of the region.   From these ingredients, they create incredible dishes inspired by flavors and textures of the area and of Mexico, while also incorporating gastronomic influences from around the globe, creating a unique menu.  LUM’s creative and innovative chefs, Daniela Mier and Joaquin Iturralde, combine their unique backgrounds and international cooking experience to not only create a diverse and innovative menu, but also a complete dining experience.




From the Bar

Combine your meal with a bottle of Mexican wine or one of several craft beers from breweries across Mexico.  And, after dinner, enjoy a cup of locally grown, high-altitude Chiapas coffee or a refreshing cocktail made from fresh fruits and natural syrups made on the property.   Sip your drink out on the open-air patio, looking up at the stars and listen to the sounds of the town, as you end your perfect day of exploration, discovery and new experiences.

The Only Way to Experience San Cristóbal

There is a reason that San Cristóbal is one of Mexico’s top destinations and continues to grow in popularity. With so much to do and see, all set in an around this stunningly beautiful and photogenic town, it has something for everyone.   And for those looking for a luxurious taste of San Cristóbal, you cannot do better than a stay at Hotel Bo.  Contact Journey Mexico and let’s talk about creating your personalized San Cristóbal travel experience with a stay at Hotel Bo and memorable gastronomic experiences at LUM Restaurant, where each bite introduces tastes of Chiapas for you to savor.


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