The Whale Sharks are Here!

Each summer, thousands of Whale Sharks (the world’s largest fish) migrate through the waters surrounding Isla Mujeres, a Caribbean Island off the cost of Cancun, Mexico. Although Whale Sharks can grow to be over 60 feet in length, they pose no threat to humans whatsoever, which creates an incredible opportunity for humans to interact with these massive creatures. Diving into the blue waters of the Caribbean to swim with Whale Sharks is a thrilling experience, which, those who have done it will tell you, simply can’t be described with words.

To celebrate the beautiful Whale Sharks, the exhilarating bond between the fish and Isla Mujeres, and to promote eco and responsible tourism of the region, a festival is held annually on the island. This year’s events are scheduled for July 16-18 and will include trips to swim with the Whale Sharks, traditional dances performed by locals of the region, guest speakers, and opportunities to explore the ancient Mayan Ruins nearby.

Visit our Whale Sharks Experience Page for more information about these incredible fish and to view sample itineraries of trips built around swimming with the Whale Sharks, visiting ancient Mayan archeological sites, and experiencing the culture of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

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