Day of the Dead Celebrations in Mexico


Celebrate “Dia de los Muertos” in Mexico on a wonderful journey that combines traditional and modern celebrations.

Step back in time and experience a traditional celebration in Michoacan. Explore the beautiful country around Lake Patzcuaro and the wonderful Purepecha people of Michoacan. As you travel around the lake, you’ll discover that each village, town or city has its own, unique celebration, with parades, markets, exhibitions, ceremonies and dances. Respectfully visit traditional Mexican cemeteries, shrouded in marigolds and illuminated by thousands of candles. Discover why this region’s celebrations are some of the most time-honored, full of charm and wonder.

Following the more traditional celebration of Dia de los Muertos in Michoacan, the journey continues to San Miguel de Allende for a modern interpretation of Day of the Dead in Guanajuato.

Attend “La Calaca Art & Music Festival” in San Miguel de Allende, a public festival devoted to honoring and sharing the rich traditions of Day of the Dead in a modern way. Open to the public, this festive celebration immerses visitors in creative experiences inspired by Dia de los Muertos, including art, music, live performances, processions, public altars, conferences and interactive workshops.

On this incredible journey for Day of the Dead, you’ll discover the unique and different ways this iconic celebration of death is recognized and revered



Altar Exhibits – See various exhibits, festival displays, and cemeteries. Discover the significance of Day of the Dead elements such as the cempasuchil flower (or Aztec marigold), colors, and objects that adorn the altars.

San Miguel de Allende – This UNESCO World Heritage City comes alive during Dia de los Muertos  with a special market to shop for decorations among stalls of sugar skulls, miniature coffins, skeleton puppets and the familiar skeleton masks and figures, known as calacas.

La Calaca Festival – San Miguel de Allende annually celebrates The Calaca Festival hosting various artistic and cultural events for children and adults..

Morelia and its Magical Towns– Visit the UNESCO World Heritage city of Morelia and discover off the beaten path villages such as Santa Clara del Cobre, Tzintzuntzan, and Patzcuaro, which feature local Purepecha communities with traditional food and customs

Mexico City – Visit historical places such as the Zócalo, thge National Anthropology Museum, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Teotihuacan to learn about life, death, and this duality’s importance for the Mexican people.

Day 1 – October 30: Arrival to Mexico City

Bienvenidos a Mexico! After being greeted at the airport, you will be transferred by private car to your hotel. Enjoy rest of the evening at leisure.

Overnight: Four Seasons Mexico City

*The itinerary can be customized for flying directly into Morelia’s airport

Day 2 – October 31: Private Transfer to Morelia – En route visit to Cuitzeo and Morelia tour at arrival

Today your personal, bilingual guide will meet you at the lobby and you will head to Morelia. En route you will visit the “Magical Town” of Cuitzeo, located 30 minutes away from Morelia. Cuitzeo’s lake resembles a giant mirror and offers a charming view of land meeting the sky. Learn about the Purepecha culture and visit historic buildings, including an ex-convent dating from 1546. Explore Cuitzeo’s famous and colourful flower market, especially alive these days in preparation for Day of the Dead festivities.

On the afternoon, hit the road to the colonial city of Morelia, built in the 16th century. In the company of your expert guide explore this city and its World Heritage Historic Center. Discover important historic sites, like the Cathedral (which took over a century to build!), before checking in at your lovely and hotel in the Historic City Center. Enjoy the rest of the evening on your own at leisure.

Overnight: Casa Grande

Day 3 – November 1: Tzintzuntzan, Markets, Handicrafts and Night of the Dead in Patzcuaro

Today you visit the Tzintzuntzan archaeological site en route to Patzcuaro. During the week of Day of the Dead, Patzcuaro is full of vibrant colors and events. Be captivated by the sights, sounds and smells of the town’s bustling market. See how locals prepare for a very special night.

After dinner (not included) and the sunset, enjoy a Night Tour to Patzcuaro lake’s shores and traditional Mexican cemeteries. Our highlight of the night is a visit to Santa Fe town, where we are invited as special guests to respectfully visit the intimacy of a family home, for their “Dead of this year” ritual. This is a deeply meaningful tradition where families build and prepare altars and offerings in honor of the loved ones that died during the year.

As you travel around the towns that surround the lake tonight, you’ll discover that each town has its own, unique celebration, with parades, markets, exhibitions, ceremonies and dances.

Overnight: Casa Grande

Day 4 – November 2: Guided Half-Day Excursion to Capula and Catrina Dolls Festival

Capula is one of Michoacan’s most interesting and folkloric villages. This town, a 30 minute drive from Morelia, has long been known for its Day of the Dead “Catrina Dolls.” Catrinas are iconic depictions of skeletons elegantly dressed. Today you will visit Capula’s Catrina Festival and admire special exhibits by amazing local artists. As you are walking the Festival, enjoy the flavors and colors of this town. Visit workshops and galleries with the best of Capula’s crafts. Make sure to taste Tarascan specialties and treats, like sweet “pink” tamales!

Overnight: Casa Grande Hotel Boutique

Day 5 – November 3: Transfer to San Miguel de Allende – Visit Fabrica la Aurora and La Calaca Festival

After your private ground transfer to San Miguel you’ll enjoy a visit to Fabrica La Aurora, a beautiful art and design center housed in a former textile factory. Here you will find altars honoring the dead, galleries, courtyards and corridors with special exhibitions that explore Day of the Dead themes.

Walk to San Miguel’s historic center and main square to discover La Calaca Festival, a public, week-long  modern festival devoted to the themes and traditions of Dia de Muertos. This afternoon your expert guide and you will explore the streets around the square to see the celebrations and workshops as you learn about the origin and the spirit of this holiday in its modern manifestations.

Spend rest of the evening at leisure. We suggest you get dinner at Jacinto 1930 restaurant, located in Dôce-18 Concept House in the historic center.

Overnight: Rosewood San Miguel de Allende

Day 6 – November 4: San Miguel de Allende City Tour and La Calaca Festival

Discover San Miguel de Allende’s highlights, including beautiful historic buildings with displays of art and altars. Today you can immerse yourself in Day of the Dead traditions with a modern twist at the La Calaca Art & Music Festival. This public festival features parades, art, dances, altar displays, and different events taking place at multiple venues throughout the city.

This day can be custom designed according to guests’ preferences and to the festival’s 2018 calendar of events, which is released approximately a month before the event.

Overnight: Rosewood San Miguel de Allende

Day 7 – November 5: Private Transfer to Mexico City – En route visit to Teotihuacan

Today after breakfast and hotel check out you will meet your guide at the hotel lobby for private transfer to Mexico City. On your way there you will stop to enjoy a guided excursion to Teotihuacan, famous for the majestic Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Your expert guide will explain the importance of the site and its place in the rich history of Mexico’s pre-Columbian civilizations.

Overnight: Four Seasons Mexico City

Day 8 – November 6: Private Tour to Anthropology Museum and Mexico City’s Historic Center

Explore Mexico’s world-renowned National Museum of Anthropology and its stunning collection of Aztec, Mayan and other pre-Columbian treasures. See wonders like the Aztec calendar inscribed upon the 24-ton Sun Stone.

Afterward you’ll have a private, guided tour of the historic city center. Visit Mexico City’s Zocalo (Main Square), National Palace, and Metropolitan Cathedral. Take a look from above into the Templo Mayor Aztec archaeological site (does not include entrance or museum). Check out the Palace of Fine Arts and other sights, depending on time and interest.

Time for lunch will be provided (can be included at additional cost) at one of Mexico City’s many fine eateries. You’ll be back to your hotel by late afternoon. Enjoy the evening at leisure.

Overnight: Four Seasons Mexico City

Day 9 – November 7: Coyoacan, Dolores Olmedo Altar Exhibit, and Diego Rivera’s Casa Estudio

Today you will see a lesser-known side of Mexico City. Explore charming Coyoacan, a traditional neighborhood of pebbled streets, colonial churches, noisy little markets, coffee shops and quiet squares.

You’ll visit the Dolores Olmedo Museum for their traditional Day of the Dead special exhibition. Admire art pieces that preserve the holiday’s traditions and honor the handcrafted work of Mexican artisans.

Finally, you and your expert guide will head to the famous Casa Estudio de Diego Rivera, the actual home of Diego and Frida Kahlo. There you can see the artists’ workshop and original works by Diego and Frida. Back at your hotel you may enjoy the rest of the evening at leisure.

Overnight: Four Seasons Mexico City

Day 10 – November 8: Departure Day – Private Transfer to Mexico City Airport

You will meet your driver at the lobby and head to Mexico City’s International Airport (approx. 30- 45 minutes), where our airport supervisor will be waiting with your boarding passes ready to help you check-in your luggage.


This trip can be customized for a private journey surrounding the dates of November 1st and 2nd. Programs and events subject to change according to festival calendar.


Our custom-tailored journeys start from $800 USD per day for two travelers. Contact us today to discuss your travel desires and design a personalized proposal with exact pricing.

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