Copper Canyon Hiking Tour


This nine-day Copper Canyon Hiking Tour is a rugged adventure through the breathtaking canyons of Northern Mexico. Enjoy expertly guided tours through its undulating landscapes, nights sleeping under the stars, and stays in eco-friendly cabins.

Along the way, meet the local indigenous people and learn more about their lives in the mountains. You will also enjoy an unforgettable train ride and explore the cultural and historical significance of the area.

Any Copper Canyon hiking trip that Journey Mexico offers can also be combined with our Baja Multisport trip for more than two weeks experiencing Mexico’s finest wilderness adventures.



Chihuahua al Pacifico train ride – Enjoy a first class train ride through the Sierra Madre Mountains

Copper Canyon hike – Trek through Mexico’s gorgeous Copper Canyon

Cerocahui and Creel – Stay overnight in 200-year-old frontier settlements

Meet the native Tarahumara – Visits the remote settlements of the native Tarahumara people and share the canyon trails with indigenous farmers and ranchers

Wild camping – Stay in wild campsites near remote indigenous compounds perched on canyon walls with mule and walking access only

Day 1: Arrival at El Fuerte

After arriving in the charming colonial gateway to the Copper Canyon, El Fuerte, you will check into a beautiful historic lodge and have the chance to roam the cobblestone streets for a taste of old Mexico.

Spend your time relaxing and wandering through this quaint, historic town, which was named a Pueblo Magico by the Mexican government for its importance and beauty.


Day 2: Chihuahua al Pacifico train journey

It’s all aboard the celebrated Chihuahua al Pacifico train to journey into the Sierra Madre Mountains. This comfortable first-class locomotive goes through dozens of tunnels and over countless bridges with plenty of opportunities to take exceptional pictures.  A regal lunch takes place in a private restaurant car.

Arrive in the early afternoon to Posada Rancho and take a quick walk to the rustic and comfortable community cabins in Areponapuchi for an overnight stay.

Overnight: Community Cabins Areponapuchi.


Day 3: First hiking day from San Rafael to Guitayvo

After breakfast, receive a transfer to the trail head in San Rafael where we load the mules and begin our walk through the undulating hills of the sierra.

Along the way, arrive at a local school and church in the indigenous village of San Alonso, witnessing the everyday life of the people who live there. Following the rolling landscape of the high Sierra Tarahumara, we arrive at Guitayvo in the mid-afternoon and spend the night in the community eco-cabins in this quaint town.

Overnight: Eco-cabins Guitayvo.


Day 4: Second hiking day from Guitayvo to Huemachi

We continue navigating around Guitayvo and drop down through an arroyo (river bed) and then climb gradually up the side of a canyon. The mystical tranquility of this alpine region is reinforced by the wind whistling through the pine needles.  We arrive at the small ranch of Huemachi in the late afternoon and spend the evening in the wonders of nature with a wild camping experience.

Overnight: Wild camping


Day 5: Third day hiking, views over Urique Canyon, wild camping

Today we connect with the Urique Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in North America. Enjoy incredible vistas over the undulating landscapes, stopping along the way to take a photo or two.

After a full-day hiking through these inspirational lands, we arrive at the small ranch of Chiruhuerabo, for another wild camping experience.

Overnight: Wild camping


Day 6: Fourth day hiking, enter the Urique Canyon

We now enter the Urique Canyon proper through a side entrance. The views from the ridge are spectacular. Carefully navigate the steep descent with plenty of stops to observe the quickly changing vegetation.

Then, towards Naranjo, where we are greeted by the friendly people who live there. After some time chatting with the locals, we load our gear into the vehicle and head down to the town of Urique with time to check out this wild mining outpost.

In the afternoon, drive out of the town of Urique to the high sierra and a private lodge in Cerocahui where clean clothes and a fire are waiting.

Overnight: Cerocahui Hiking Lodge


Day 7: Cerocahui and Creel

After breakfast, head to the frontier logging outpost turned tourist center for the Copper Canyon, Creel. Along the way, stop to see the Cerocahui Mission Church and take some time out to enjoy some of the most impressive viewpoints.

Overnight: Plaza Mexicana


Day 8: Creel and Chihuahua

Before a private transfer to Chihuahua, enjoy breakfast and a brief look around Creel. The late afternoon is free for relaxing or visiting the interesting museums and historical sites of Chihuahua, an important cultural and economic center of Northwestern Mexico.

The final night is marked with a fiesta where we can share stories from our hiking adventure.

Overnight: Hotel San Francisco


Day 9: Departure from Chihuahua

Transfer to Chihuahua Airport for onward flights.


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“The wilderness camping was very easy, with tasty and healthy food prepared. Everyday we had fresh tortillas handmade locally. The campsites were absolutely idyllic. Our guide Octavio and his assistant Raramuri guide led us easily through the complex set of paths along beautiful ridges, valleys, and woods, always helping us in spots we found a bit tricky. The views were stunning. And throughout the trip we felt very safe.”

Julia – March 2016