With no fewer than nine different ecosystems in Mexico, the landscape of this immense country is as diverse as it is beautiful.

From rugged mountains, rumbling volcanoes, sprawling canyons, and dry deserts to lush jungles, tropical forests, rushing rivers and deep cenotes, the topography of Mexico is incredibly varied. Mexico’s dominant geographic feature is the great highland central plateau, which extends from the border with the United States to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. The plateau is enclosed by two high mountain chains, the Sierra Madre Oriental on the east and the Sierra Madre Occidental on the west, each separated from the coast by lowland plains. Experience the many varied landscapes that Mexico has to offer on a tailor-made adventure across the country.


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9-day Oaxaca Hiking Trip from Mountain to Coast

Destination:  , ,
Days: 9

The Hiking Trip through Oaxaca's Mountains and to the Pacific Coast combines exploration of some of the most famous archaeological si... read more »