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Posted: December 30, 2013

Author: Jessica S.

Posted In: News

Senior Travel Planner

Location: Cancun or Puerto Vallarta

Purpose of position: To plan and design travel experiences.
Principal duties include handling inquires, present and manage proposals, follow the operations to ensure client satisfaction, assist Marketing Manager in researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans, develop and promote current and new products through Journey Mexico channels, scouting new itineraries, creating new travel experiences, meet financial objectives of Journey Mexico.

Requirements: Minimum 3 years experience in high-end travel industry and sales in luxury hospitality industry (or equivalent customer service), knowledge of Mexico and preferably Latin America, excellent interpersonal skills, ability to read, write, and speak Spanish and English fluently.


Executive Marketing Assistant

Location: Puerto Vallarta

Purpose of position: To support the CEO & Marketing Manager  by increasing effective communication between Journey Mexico and its clients, potential clients and travel intermediaries, generating qualified leads for the sales team resulting in an increase in business and an increase in awareness about Journey Mexico in the marketplace.
Principal duties include appointment scheduling an booking for marketing trips, send follow-up emails, manage general database, send client communication for important events, prepare marketing material for meetings, help manage content on website (photos), respond to client and administrative requests (photos, hotel descriptions, company profiles, etc), manage photo database, search for new clients (cold calling, free media outlets), manage Virtuoso network.

Requirements: Experience as executive assistant or equivalent, preferred experience in travel industry and sales/marketing background, excellent interpersonal skills, high level of customer service, ability to read, write, and speak Spanish and English fluently, strong initiative and  multitasking skills.



Location: Cancun or Puerto Vallarta

Purpose of position: Increase traffic to website, generating qualified leads resulting in an augmentation in direct business and an increase in awareness about Journey Mexico in the marketplace. Ensuring that the online performance and Google ads of the website are working at optimum potential.
Principal duties include 
 building and maintaining of websites, pages and applications,  ensure that servers remain up and running  and that webpages load quickly and effortlessly, measuring webpage speed and monitoring a website’s up-time, managing Google AdWords and tracking conversions, correcting software bugs, tracking traffic, dealing with search engine optimization, programming of website features and functions, graphic design for marketing material as needed,

Requirements: Minimum 3 years experience in web marketing industry and graphic design, experience in travel industry and knowledge of Mexico, advanced level of PHP/HTML/CSS/XHTML/Javascipt/AJAX and WordPress skills, degree in computer science of software engineering is required, ability to read, write, and speak English and Spanish fluently. 


If interested in any of the above positions, please send your resume and cover letter to Susanne at susanne [@] journeymexico.com



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