Notes from the 2011 Virtuoso Luxe Report

Virtuoso Lux ReportOnce a year, the leading luxury travel network, Virtuoso, surveys its 6,000 member travel advisers in the United States and Canada about trends in travel and publishes the results in their annual Lux Report.

Below are some highlights from the report pertaining to travel to Mexico in 2011:

    • International trips of 8 days or longer and international trips of 6-7 days were the top two types of leisure trips that clients are booking for 2011


    • Mexico ranks number five in the top 10 international travel destinations for 2011


    • Mexico ranks number seven in the top 10 most popular family destinations for 2011


    • This year’s travelers are clearly looking for “unique, hands-on experiences that inspire a personal connection and will build lasting memories,” such as visiting local artisan workshops in Izamal, Yucatan; preparing, chocolate, corn, and chili dishes from raw ingredients to finish products with the indigenous community members of Oaxaca, and working to protect the sea-turtle population of the Baja Peninsula with the fishermen of local villages.



  • The number one reason people are traveling this year is because they are “seeking authentic experiences in new destinations

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