Update: Mexico City/Puebla Earthquake

Journey Mexico – Updated Mexico City/Puebla Earthquake Information, September 26, 2017 5:00 PM

As Mexico City and Puebla return to normal following the earthquake on September 25th, we have seen and incredible outpouring of support from across Mexico and endless acts of heroism.  The philanthropic sprit across the county is incredible—with Mexicans, rich and poor, doing all they can for their fellow compatriots.  In addition, international support efforts have been tremendous and reflect the feelings of friendship Mexico has built around the globe.

We welcome and encourage travel to Mexico, as there is no better way to help the country and people recover and show your appreciation and support.

Below follows our most current information on the affected areas and how it may impact travel; we’ve also provided options for donations to help those impacted by the earthquake



Mexico City Airport:  All airport services are fully operational and fights are back to normal schedules.

Roads / Traffic Signals:  There are isolated road closures rerouting traffic around areas with active clean-up efforts.  Traffic signals have resumed normal operation.

Public Transport:  All services are working normally, (metro, metrobús, camiones etc.); some are free of charge at this time.  Some bus routes have been modified to avoid streets with active clean-up efforts.

Water / Electricity: Water and electricity have been restored to most of the city; however, there are still a few pockets in the city affected by limited water supply (Iztapalapa, Tlahuac and Iztacalco).  There are intentional power outages on street with active clean-up efforts for security reasons.

Telecommunications:  Landlines in some areas are still down yet are expected to be back at 100% by the end of the week.

Hotels:  All of Journey Mexico’s hotel partners are fully operational.

Sites of Interest:  Most sites have reopened and are operating on regular scheduled hours.  Those still closed are Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional de la Revolución, Museo Tamayo and the Museo Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo.  We will continue to update their status.



Puebla Airport:  All airport services are fully operational and fights are back to normal schedules.

Roads / Traffic Signals:  Roads in the area are back to normal.  Traffic signals have resumed normal operation.

Water / Electricity: Water and electricity has been restored to the city.

Hotels:  All Journey Mexico hotel partners in Puebla are fully operational.

Sites of Interest:  The historical city center is open.  Some if the city’s historical buildings and churches sustained damage and remain closed.  60% city’s museums have reopened.



Sites of Interest:  The Palacio de Cortés and Catedral de la Asunción de María (Cuernavaca Cathedral) were damaged.  The Secretary of Culture and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Institute of Anthropology and History) have closed the sites for inspection and are currently working to repair the damage to the cathedral; they will begin repair work on the Palacio soon.  The ex-convents of Tepoztlan & Tlayacapan also show some damage and have been closed, and, at this time, there is no set date for beginning repairs or reopening.

Donations:  Please check the following page for options: http://comoayudar.mx/world.html.  Mexico needs you now more than ever!

On Saturday, September 23 an aftershock stuck near Matias Romero in southern Mexico, further rattling this rural area. The area sustained damage to roads and more primitive structures—some of which had already sustained damage during the September 8th earthquake. This is a more remote region that is off the traditional tourism routes.

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