Underwater Sculpture Park in Cancun

Photo via Jason deCaires Taylor

Artist and environmentalist, Jason deCaires Taylor, has entered the final stages of an incredible project designed to alleviate pressure on the natural reefs of Cancun, Mexico by attracting both marine wildlife and human tourists to a currently barren area of sea-floor, which will soon become a natural reef of cement sculptures.

In early 2011, over 400 sculptures made from a special cement neutral in PH and made to foster coral growth will be lowered into the shallow waters off the coast of Cancun. A handful of test sculptures have already been submerged and have shown incredible rates of growth from colorful algae, coral, and other marine-life.

Below is a video interview from Travel + Life Magazine with Taylor about the project. For more information about the underwater sculpture park, visit Jason deCaires Taylor’s website and the Wandering Educators site. You can also find another video here.

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