The People of Mexico Through the Lens of Michelle Pasmanik

On our recent 15 day educational #MexicoJourney through Southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, we had the pleasure to be joined by Michelle Pasmanik, a travel consultant based out of Australia. Michelle, full of spirit and enthusiasm to learn about Mexico, took copious notes, asked all the right questions, and always had her camera in hand. At the end of the trip Michelle admitted to taking over 5,000 photos that included snaps of all the hotels we visited, the varying landscapes Mexico has to offer, several colonial towns, the delicious food at every meal, and so forth.. but when flipping through her pictures what stood out were her images of the local people — which through them, fantastically captured the culture of the country. Michelle has granted us the opportunity to share some of her best photos with you, just take a look:

michelle-pasmanik-photo-of-mexico-2 michelle-pasmanik-photo-of-mexico-10 michelle-pasmanik-photo-of-mexico-4 michelle-pasmanik-photo-of-mexico-11 michelle-pasmanik-photo-of-mexico-7

Michelle Pasmanik is a Senior Travel Consultant at Executive Edge based out of Melbourne, Australia. She has a passion for all things travel and enjoys taking professional photographs to try and capture the world’s beauty. If you are interested in having Michelle plan a trip for you, or are interested in her photography, you can contact her at [email protected]


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