Southern Mexico: The Final Day

After a quick breakfast at Maroma, we set off for the coastal archeological site of Tulum. Going into the visit, I had the idea that Tulum consisted of only one structure on a seaside cliff, but I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived as there are many ancient homes and pyramids at the site. Our expert guide illuminated the site for us and taught us how to distinguish between what was a home and what was a temple by looking at the structure of the ruins. Of course, the brilliantly turquoise waves lapping the beach below (where you’re welcome to go for a swim) made Tulum especially nice to visit.

On the coast at Tulum

After Tulum, we had an emotional goodbye with our beloved driver, Pedro, who over the course of the past fifteen days, has become both a good friend and bodyguard to our group (not to mention that he’s got to be the best/coolest bus driver in Mexico!).

What a great group!

The rest of the day was spent inspecting some incredible private villas and boutique hotels on the Riviera Maya, ending at our final location, the fabulous Esencia, where we shared one last, delicious group dinner. As we reflected over our final meal together, we realized just how special it has been to travel with such an international cast of characters. In total, our group represented nine countries: Mexico, the US, England, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgium, France, and Italy! I’m confident I speak for the group when I say it was an incredible pleasure to spend 14 days getting to know the customs and traditions not only of Mexico but of each other’s countries as well. I’m not even out of the airport and I’m missing everyone already! Hopefully some of the group members will send us a personal review of the trip so that you can get to know them as well. Until then, stay tuned for more photos and video from the trip!

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