Partner Location Hacienda de San Antonio Summer Promotion

Journey Mexico partner location, Hacienda de San Antonio in Colima, is offering a two-night promotion to celebrate the town’s annual tribute to Saint Anthony on June 13th.

In Mexico, Saint Anthony is venerated saint who is often called upon for assistance with lost items. In 1913, a nearby volcano erupted and threatened to destroy the areas coffee plantations. The people of the town gathered and prayed to Saint Anthony promising to build a chapel in his honor if the plantations we not harmed. The coffee fields did in fact go unharmed, and the town’s people gathered and built the Chapel of San Antonio. Since that year, people from all around the area gather annually at the Chapel on June 13th to pay tribute through dance, music, and celebration.

The Hacienda de San Antonio is opening its doors to all who wish to partake in this year’s celebration with a promotional package that includes:

  • 15% off of normal room rates
  • A 55 square meter suite with a large bathroom, a fireplace, an iPod dock, a king size bed, and either volcano, garden, or river views
  • Hikes throughout the property
  • Evening margaritas
  • A bottle of mangrapa and a bag of organic coffee

The two-night promotion is being offered for $1,070 USD. There is also an optional food and drink promotion for $180, which includes three meals a day with all alcoholic beverages included. To take advantage of this offer, visit the Colonial Heartland page and click the Build a Custom Trip button.

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