New Mexican Cookbook From Diana Kennedy

(AP Photo/Miguel Tovar)

Heralded as the authority on Mexican Cuisine, Diana Kennedy is set to release her second Mexican cookbook Oaxaca al Gusto this Fall. This new cookbook comes four decades after her first release, The Cuisines of Mexico, which has become an essential in the library of any international chef worth their salt. Oaxaca al Gusto focuses on the traditional cuisines of the different cultures within the state of Oaxaca, an area known for its savory dishes.

Diana Kennedy, now 87, is quite the character: smart, tough, funny, and one hell of a cook. But in addition to being personally distinct, she is also highly decorated. She has received the equivalent of knighthood in Mexico with the Congressional Order Of The Aztec Eagle award and has also been honored by the UK a Member of the British Empire award for furthering cultural relations with Mexico. A wonderful portrait of Diana Kennedy can be found in Martha Mendoza’s article at the Associated Press.

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