Mexico’s New Minister of Tourism Ready to Go

Just weeks after being appointed Mexico’s new Minister of Tourism, Gloria Guevara spoke at Tianguis about how Mexico has not been taking advantage of what the country has to offer in the way of historical and cultural tourism.

We all know that Mexico is geographically diverse and incredibly beautiful, but Guevara reiterated a great fact when she pointed out that Mexico has more Unesco World Heritage Sites than any other country in Latin America. In an effort to increase tourism to these sites, Guevara and the Ministry of Tourism have created and will host its first Cultural Tourism Conference to be held in Morelia later this year.

The conference will be geared towards tour operators and should be a great opportunity to collaborate on ways to increase tourism. Now if we can just get the American media to play fair…

One Response to “Mexico’s New Minister of Tourism Ready to Go”

  1. John W. Knesevich,M.D.

    The very best wishes to Minister Guevara ! Living in the Northeast of the US.(New Hampshire. I was unaware of how truly interesting Mexico is! I recently visited Mexico City (visited Frida Kahlo’s house
    and the Zocollo as wel as Tiotihuacan. I cannot stop reading about the various archeological sites!
    My eyes were really opened to what a wonderful country Mexico is and how lucky we are to have her as a neighboring country. Unfortunately we hear only about the negatives like “drug cartels” here on U.S. news! It’s like Mexicans only hearing about Al Capone in the US. I hope to revisit Mexico soon and to once engain enjoy being in your wonderful country!

    John W. Knesevich, M.D.-Hollis,,New Hampshire


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