Joining Together to Move Mexico Towards Sustainability

Earlier this week, we posted an article about the wonderful documentary series that the Green Living Project and the Mexican Tourism Board have created, showcasing several eco-projects happening right now in Mexico. In addition to the great projects showcased in their series, Journey Mexico would like to acknowledge two additional projects that doing excellent work and pushing Mexico forward towards a sustainable future:

Dr. Wallace “J.” Nichols and his Blue Angels – JM president, Zach Rabinor, and Dr. Wallace J. Nichols have a long standing history/friendship dating back to 2002 when J hired Zach as the private lands coordinator at Wild Coast, a start-up, non-profit working to protect coastal environments and endangered species along the Baja Peninsula.

J has determined that the most efficient way for him to continue his innovative approach to conservation is to raise private funding through 100 Blue Angels, an organization of patrons who financially contribute monthly to J and his work. Journey Mexico and the other Blue Angels allow J “To remain an independent scientist, advocate, and communicator in a time when new ideas and the freedom to express them are sorely needed.”

For more information on how you can contribute to the work of Dr. Nichols, visit the Blue Angels Page.

The Groupo Tortuguero – Founded in 1999, the Groupo Tortuguero is a network of like-minded individuals communities, organizations, and institutions from around the world, dedicated to the conservation of Sea Turtles. Through educating and empowering indigenous communities, Groupo Tortuguero has inspired a revolution of change, curbing the once rapid pace at which Sea Turtles of Mexico were heading towards extinction.

Twice a year, the Groupo Tortuguero holds meetings where participating members meet to discuss progress, findings, and new plans of actions. The group also comes together to host Sea Turtle festivals to run seminars, workshops and trainings. Journey Mexico is proud to sponsor local fishermen so that they may attend these meetings to learn about the current state of affairs, contribute findings and local knowledge, and take home and spread new tactics and ideas to improve the Sea Turtle population of their homelands.

For more information on how you can contribute to the incredible work of the Group Tortuguero, visit The Ocean Foundation.

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