Mexico 2nd Stop on Red Bull Cliff Diving Tour

Cliff Diver in Yucatan at Red Bull World Series

Photo - Ray Demski / Red Bull

Yucatan, Mexico was the site of the second stop on Red Bull’s 2010 Cliff Diving World Series. If you haven’t seen or heard anything about this Red Bull Series, check it out at their website. Red Bull has definitely succeeded in making the sport of high diving more exciting by adding exotic locations. The event in Yucatan was held at the Ik Kil Cenote, which is often visited on Journey Mexico trips to the Yucatan.

Cenotes are natural wells that are exposed after surface limestone above the wells collapse. These natural pools are prevalent in the Yucatan Peninsula and some other regions of Central America. Some ancient Mayan cultures used cenotes as part of sacrificial rituals. Today, cenotes offer picturesque locations to cool off, go for a swim, or have lunch while vacationing in Mexico. Below is a video from the Red Bull Cliff Diving event at the Ik Kil cenote in Yucatan.

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