Journey Mexico Partner Promoting Special Wedding Date

Hacienda Xcanatun in Yucatan, a Journey Mexico partner location, is offering a special wedding promotional package on October 10th for one lucky couple this year. As the tenth of October, 2010 is one of those “special” dates where numbers align (10/10/10), this day is undoubtably one of the most sought after wedding dates of the decade.

Aside from just being three repeating numbers, the tenth of October, 2010 is considered extra special because of the numbers themselves. Many cultures hold the number 1 in high regard, symbolizing “the beginning of all” and eternity. Zero is another “magic” number, often representing nothingness or “the Void,” so the combination of one and zero represents the unity of emptiness and the eternal.

Hacienda Xcanatun has created a “magical” package to match the significance of the date, which is available for one lucky couple for $18,000. The 10.10.10 package runs from Oct. 9th to the 12th and includes:

  • Three nights’ accommodations & breakfast for the bridal couple, plus 34 friends/family 
  • All taxes and hotel service charges (restaurant gratuities not included)
  • Floral decorations for the wedding ceremony
  • Use of the dining terrace, the 40-seat private dining room, or the 80-seat main dining room for the bridal feast
  • Personalized table settings, candles and centerpieces reflecting the theme of the wedding
  • A three-course wedding banquet featuring continental, fusion Yucatecan or Caribbean delicacies
  • A multi-tiered wedding cake in the couple’s favorite flavor
  • 10 bottles of French sparkling wine for the wedding toast.
  • A bouquet of 10 roses and a box of 10 dark Maya chocolates (considered an aphrodisiac) for the bridal suite
  • Additional nights can be added  for early arrival or late departure at a reduced rate.

For more about Hacienda Xcanatun, visit their website

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