Journey Mexico is Officially B-Corp Certified

We’re excited to announce that Journey Mexico is now officially B-Corp Certified 


What`s the B all about?

Much more than an award, our B-Corp Certification recognizes a steadfast commitment to responsible and transparent business practices, which prioritize having a positive impact on people and places as much as making a profit. In fact, the B stands for `benefit for all`, and that’s what we stand for too. We believe that Mexico’s natural world and the communities we engage with should benefit from Journey Mexico’s operations as well as our team, travelers, and partners. 


How do you get Certified?

B Lab is the non-profit organization behind the prestigious global movement – widely considered the gold standard for sustainability and positive impact. Getting B-Corp certified is a rigorous process and one that we’ve been dedicated to for the past 12 months. It involves digging into a company`s operations to measure their social and environmental impact. We`re thrilled to join this global community of organizations working towards a shared goal. 


Our B in Action  

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved during our 20 years of serving our guests and motivated by the challenge of the B-Corp Certification processWe welcome the ongoing challenge of digging into every aspect of our operations to see where we can do more, be better, and making those changes. Our brilliant team has been busy working with our partners to create more community-led travel experiences, getting hands-on with local volunteering opportunities, establishing Journey Mexico`s Sustainability Committee, and taking part in sustainability workshops on this year’s annual company retreat in Puebla. 


What`s Next?

We feel privileged to be able to help social and environmental causes while still connecting our travelers with Mexico’s breathtaking diversity of landscapes, the warmth and wisdom of our people, and the country’s rich cultural heritage. This is just the beginning, we’re committed to keep educating ourselves, learning from our mistakes, making improvements, and striving to be the leader in positive impact travel in Mexico. For us, the sustainability journey is the destination. 

Visit our sustainability page for more information about our projects and efforts. 

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