Journey Mexico Has New Tourism Routes Covered

Zachary Rabinor and Gloria Guevara

JM President, Zachary Rabinor, with Minister of Tourism, Gloria Guevara

As mentioned in a previous post, Gloria Guevara, Mexico’s new Minister of Tourism, is advocating the promotion of Mexico’s many culturally-rich locations in order to boost tourism to Mexico by showcasing the country’s historic and world heritage sites as well as its gorgeous beach towns.

Guevara recently unveiled ten travel routes that she feels will attract discerning and culture-oriented travelers to Mexico. Journey Mexico, long a champion of Mexico’s Off the Beaten Path Cultural and Natural wonders is delighted to see the Secretary of Tourism prioritizing these same regions in its new campaign, “Routes of Mexico.”  JM Founder and President Zachary Rabinor and Director of Operations Matteo Luthi were among the invited guests of President Felipe Calderon and Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara at the recent unveiling and launch of this important campaign which is aimed at educating the world and promoting the lesser visited cultural, natural and active travel destinations of Mexico.

The core of the program will feature 10 routes as translated and outlined in Laura Del Rosso’s article at Travel Weekly. Mexico currently has 29 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has long been recognized in Europe and beyond as a world class destination for experiential travel for archeology, culture, wildlife, nature, landscapes, active travel and more.  The campaign will work to reinforce Mexico’s visibility and importance as a cultural and natural destination worldwide with special emphasis on the N. American Market where Mexico has largely been promoted and perceived as a Sun and Sand destination.

At, you can use our interactive destinations map to locate trips to all of the regions outlined in the new routes and more!

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