JM Director of Ops Returns from Scouting Trip

Video Below

Journey Mexico Director of Operations, Matteo Luthi, was recently on a two-week trip with his family in Southern Mexico scouting areas of Chiapas, Campeche, and Yucatan in order to develop some new family oriented trips to the region. He came back with some great stories, even better photos, and a lot of incredible insights that we are eager to share with our clients. Here’s what Matteo had to say about his trip:

“Normally I do these kind of trips on my own, but this time I decided to bring my family along since the idea was to see how family friendly these areas are. I was really impressed by the amount of family activities we go to enjoy. We had a blast! It’s very difficult to recount the highlights since every single day was amazing but if I had to chose some days in particular, I would say swimming in the electric blue Lakes of Montebello, our visit to the Church in San Juan Cholula with the shamans, and visiting all of the archeological sites were the stand out experiences. Especially Calakmul where we climbed to the top of the largest Mayan pyramid built in Mexico. It was such a rare opportunity to have an that incredible view over the immense forest that is recognized by the UNESCO as the second largest biosphere of the World just behind the Amazonas. Again, the entire trip was fantastic and having my family there and seeing how much they enjoyed it was just unforgettable.”

Below is a video of some of the trip’s highlights narrated by Matteo (It was raining really hard when we recorded the voice over – sorry!). For more information about traveling to any of the places in the video, contact Journey Mexico today!

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