January 2013 Newsletter

Mexico NewsA new year brings new plans in travel! In our January newsletter, we highlight the most invigorating experiences and destinations to add to your 2013 travel list  and we feature a culinary journey through Puebla that will make you crave Mexican food! This month’s hotel offers  come from Esperanza in Los Cabos and Capella Ixtapa and as always, you will find the latest news of hotel & industry updates, and latest news from Journey Mexico including upcoming travel dates.

To view the January newsletter in its entirety,  click here.

One Response to “January 2013 Newsletter”

  1. Claudia Ledesma

    Hi, I am a Mexican living in Kuwait with 3 children stuying university in USA.
    I would very much like for my children to visit their mother’s land while I am here in Kuwait and discover their origins and mother’s identity.
    I would like to help design a culinary experience for them during their spring brake.
    Kindly advice me whom to contact and what to look for.



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