How, What, Where, and When – Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing Information in Mexico’s Top Destinations

Top travel destinations across Mexico are prepared to meet testing requirements in place for visitors.

As Mexico has remained open to visitors, people have been traveling to the country to enjoy its many treasures. The best hotels and resorts have been following the WTTC’s Safe Travel guidelines and even adding additional layers of protection, like fully sanitizing rooms and offering contact-free check-in and check-out. Villas continue to offer an extra level of privacy and have been taking extra caution in these unique times. The travel industry in Mexico is working hard to make visitors as safe as possible.

With the recently announced requirements for COVID-19 testing before flights to the US, the destinations are coordinating with local hospitals and clinics to make the testing process a convenient as possible. Below, we have collected COVID-19 testing information from some of Mexico’s top destinations for you that will let you know:

  • How to get tested
  • Where to get tested
  • How much the test cost
  • What kind of test you will need

Covid-19 Test Protocols and Programs by Destinations







If you desire more information or have any questions about travel in Mexico, feel free to contact Journey Mexico and we can answer your questions and help plan your trip, making sure you have the safest travel experience possible.

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3 Responses to “How, What, Where, and When – Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing Information in Mexico’s Top Destinations”

  1. Ken Dakan

    Will be at the beaches at Zipolite, Oaxaca the 28th, for a week stay . Where can we get tested for the return trip home?

    • Rich Biswell

      HI Ken, if you booked with us, contact the Travel Planner you worked with and they can help you. If you did not book with us, we recommend you contact your travel provider, as we would not have the details for your trip. Thanks

  2. William Thomas

    Thanks for keeping us updated with more latest rules about “PRE-TRAVEL COVID-19 TESTING INFORMATION IN MEXICO’S TOP DESTINATIONS”. I really impressed with the writing style you used. Welldne< keep it up!


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