Holbox, The New Paradise for Kitesurf and Adventure

Kitesurfing  has generated great interest in Mexico thanks to Mexico’s extensive coastline and other characteristics that are ideal for practicing the extreme sport. Isla Holbox is a magical place where pristine nature comes together with sports and where the fauna and climate are the ideal complement to create unique experiences.

Hotel Las Nubes de Holbox is one of the privileged places on the island that occupies a space on the shores. It is the last hotel in the strip along the coast and is situated on the beginning of string of pure, virgin beaches featuring particularities that allow windsurfing to be done without any inconveniences.

Holbox Island is one of the best places in Mexico to practice kite surfing  because of the excellent combination of these factors:

1) Shallow Waters – It is possible to walk 200 meters inward towards the sea from the shore without  hitting deep waters, making it very simple and quick to recover the kite board.

2) Winds – The winds blow 75% of the year, and it doesn’t matter in which direction they are blowing because it is always possible to practice the sport due to the island’s unique situation. If the winds blow north, windsurfers can surf in the main beach where many hotels, such as Las Nubes, are located. If the winds blow south, windsurfers can practice from Punta Mosquito.

3) Exclusivity – Few people practice this sport on the island due to the fact that the isla is still very much a hidden gem. Thanks to this, there are very few parachutes in the sky and plenty of open air to practice.

4) Trainers – There are certified teachers available and basic necessary equipment to practice this fun sport.

The best winds in Holbox are between December and August but you can also windsurf during September, October, and November. The weather and the winds present certain variations depending on the time and season of the year. In winter (November – February), the winds come from the north at 20-35 knots on-shore, cross-on; they are the strongest of the year due to the temperature and speed. During the spring (March – April), the winds predominately come from the east, south east, and south; normally they are warmer and with a good speed of 15-25 knots side-on, side-off. In summer (May – August), the winds start to become more regular with 12-20 knots side-on thanks to pure sunny days and open skies.

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