Help Keep The Sumidero Canyon Pristine

Every summer during rainy season in Chiapas, hordes of debris and garbage from littering gets washed into the peaceful Grijalva River that flows at the base of the towering walls of the Sumidero Canyon, one of Mexico’s most beautiful natural wonders. This serious pollution problem has become increasingly worse year after year with tons of waste making its way and settling in the steam, floating stagnant atop the water due to the current patterns of the river and narrowness of the canyon.

On a weekly basis,  local volunteers and citizens come to clean the river to help restore balance to the eco-system and ensure it remains a magnificent place for both tourists and the people of Chiapas alike; however, as the amount of trash piles up and increases in volume, it is important that people visiting in the area also contribute and do their part. To help keep Mexico’s natural parks and touristic areas clean, please be conscious of your trash and impacting footprints.
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