Exploring Mexico with Journey Mexico FAM 2018

Posted: May 17, 2018

Author: Journey Mexico

Every year Journey Mexico invites a select group of our elite travel partners from around the world to join us on a research and familiarization trip to let us show them what traveling with Journey Mexico is like.

This year we covered some of the highlights in Central Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula: Teotihuacan, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla, Espiritu Santo Island, and San Jose del Cabo. Our guests had the chance to fly over Teotihuacan’s pyramids, walk San Miguel’s charming streets, swim alongside playful sea lions, and hike to a oasis in the mountains of Baja.

After the trip, our guest Duch Cohan from Protravel International thanked us for making her a part of this journey. She said, “I believe that Journey Mexico is one of the best young, vibrant and knowledgeable group I have ever come across in my 35 years of experience.”

We hope the following images will give you a window into the best moments of our trip. We also invited our guests and Journey Mexico staff to use the hashtag #livefrommexico on their posts, so be sure to look it up and see other great pics.

Mexico City and Teotihuacan

Private after hours tour #livefrommexico #journeymexico

Una publicación compartida por Brady (@bbinstadt) el

San Miguel de Allende

tequila tasting in san miguel

Tequila tasting at Casa Dragones in San Miguel

#livefrommexico #journeymexico

Una publicación compartida por Brady (@bbinstadt) el


Baja California Sur

hiking the sierra de la laguna

Guests and Journey Mexico staff hiked the Sierra de la Laguna to an oasis in the mountains of Baja.

Are you interested in being part of these experiences on your next trip to Mexico? Take a look at our sample itinerary Mexico’s Great Colonial Cities for travel ideas to Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and Puebla–or take a Culinary Tour Through Mexico City and Puebla if you’re into amazing cuisine. Get some inspiration and explore the natural wonders of Baja–or simply spend some days basking in the sunlight and comfort of Los Cabos.

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