Deepening the Culinary Experience in Oaxaca

JM president, Zachary Rabinor, recently returned from another culinary trip to Oaxaca where he was guiding a film crew who were filming for a new Food and Travel TV show. When the team wasn’t shooting, Zach was able to continue researching the markets, restaurants, and cocinas of Oaxaca to add even more to the culinary experiences offered on our trips to Oaxaca.

Some of the new highlights available on Journey Mexico culinary trips to Oaxaca are:

  • Guided market tours and chef’s tables with Alejandro Ruiz – renowned chef from Casa Oaxaca
  • Home visits to indigenous families to learn about the origins of Chocolate, Corn, and Chile and their modern day uses in traditional Mexican Cuisine
  • Visits to coastal villages to see the complete process, from fishing to preparation, of creating the best ceviches, sea food cocktails, and fish recipes in the region

If you ever have any questions or would like more information about the cuisine in Oaxaca or about culinary trips to specific regions of Mexico, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy reply!

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4 Responses to “Deepening the Culinary Experience in Oaxaca”

  1. Judith Haden

    If you ever need more photographic stills of foods, markets, chefs, etc., please contact me! I’m working on my second Oaxaca photo book, check it out on my website. Looking forward to your show! (have you talked with Susana Trilling yet?????….)

  2. Zach

    Thanks Judith! Your website and photos are amazing! We haven’t talked to Susana, about this particular project, but will do so. Keep in touch and we’ll do the same!


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