Day 3: Traveling the Yucatan

Journey Mexico’s CEO and Groups Director recently accompanied Trafalgar and 30 travel partners on a journey through the Yucatan Peninsula. The three day journey started off in Cancun and led them through Merida, Izamal, and Celestun; it was a FAM trip to experience Trafalgar’s unique Treasures of the Yucatan tour and a chance for Journey Mexico to meet and receive feedback from those who sell the product.

Below is an overview/testimonial of day two from Trafalgar

At the end of my last update we were preparing for our Be My Guest experience in Mexico…..and what a great night it was!

We were met at the hotel by our host, Glendy, who’s family have restored their traditional family home and now offer an interactive and authentic Mayan food experience. After introducing herself, Glendy’s next words were “I am looking forward to welcoming you into our home”. I never tire of hearing brand delivery that is spot on! During our short journey, we  wound our way through the streets of Merida until we arrived at Chaya Maya for our next adventure. It is a beautiful hacienda that has been painstakingly restored to become a very local dining experience. We were greeted with a margarita and a demonstration of the traditional way to make tortillas. It wasn’t long before we were sampling them fresh off the hot plate and few of the agents tried their hand – a very good effort all round.

mexican-food trafalgar-mexico-day3 trafalgar-mexico-day3-1 trafalgar-mexico-day3-2 trafalgar-mexico-day3-9

We then moved into a private room where Glendy talked us through the role spice blending plays in Mayan cooking. Ahmed did a great job crushing and mixing and we tried several local delicacies from mild to “picante”…it was hot! We then moved into a private dining room and all enjoyed a stunning feast of traditional and contemporary Mayan fare. The group loved the whole experience and raved about it all evening. After dinner most of us elected to walk back to the hotel and spent time mixing with the locals in a bustling square. The city is incredibly vibrant at night and make no mistake, this is the kind of dynamic you would completely miss if you were on a cruise. These cities take on a dramatic change as the sun sets and you will see from the pics attached that it’s an experience not to be missed.

trafalgar-mexico-day3-7 trafalgar-mexico-day3-6 trafalgar-mexico-day3-5

Sadly I had to bid the group a warm adios as had an early flight the next day. I am certain that as they are all experiencing Trafalgar for the first time, they are fast beginning to understand the difference travelling with Trafalgar as the true insider makes!

I have been genuinely blown away by the beauty and warmth of Mexico. It’s very clean, safe and steeped in tradition and history. The architecture is amazing and the people of Mexico are extremely hospitable and keen to share their country with us. And the food…..oh the food. Time for a run! Hasta la vista Mexico.


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