Conde Nast 2010 Travel Specialist

Conde Nast Traveler World's Tops Specialists CoverConde Nast Traveler Magazine has chosen Journey Mexico president, Zachary Rabinor, as one of the World’s Top 135 Travel Specialists for 2010. Zach’s segment of this prestigious list can be found on page 115 of Conde Nast Traveler‘s August 2010 Issue, which began hitting news stands last Friday.

Conde Nast’s World’s Top Traveler Specialists list is run by award-winning, world travel expert and “The greatest consumer advocate a traveler could ever have,” Wendy Perrin, the Consumer News Editor for Conde Nast Traveler. Wendy also runs an excellent travel resource at, keeps an informative and fun blog called the Perrin Post, and dominates on Twitter with over 12,000 followers. According to the article, Wendy hand picked this year’s 135 Travel Specialists from more than 10,000 applicants, making it more difficult to be included than getting accepted to Harvard!

Zach and Journey Mexico have also been included as a Destination Specialist in Truth.Travel‘s “Find Your Perfect Travel Agent” search feature. At Truth.Travel, you can read Zach’s profile, search for user comments, and read more about how Conde Nast Travel Specialists are chosen.

Be sure to pick up the August issue of Conde Nast Traveler today!

2 Responses to “Conde Nast 2010 Travel Specialist”

  1. Petra Benes

    In the nineties I worked with Zach Rabinor for a couple of years. We both worked for the same tour company in South America. I know Zach as a sincere person, enthusiastic, helpful, very knowledgeable and with tremendous energy. It does not surprise me at all that he has managed to set up a very succesful travelagency, at the time one could already tell that his dedication would bring him far!

  2. Zach

    It’s great to hear from you Petra and the kudos mean a lot coming from you as we all know you don’t hand out praise lightly! Please come visit soon – would love to reconnect and catch up! xoxo


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