6 Things We Love About Casa Sierra Nevada, a Belmond Hotel

Welcome to Casa de Sierra Nevada, a charming oasis nestled in the heart of San Miguel de Allende. We love how this enchanting hotel embodies the city’s rich tapestry of past and present influences, seamlessly weaving together history, culture, art, and gastronomy. As a custodian of San Miguel’s heritage, Casa de Sierra Nevada honors its role by infusing every aspect of its design, culinary offerings, on-site experiences, spa treatments, and workshops with clues about the city’s heritage. We can see why Casa Sierra Nevada features on Condé Nast Travelers 2024 Gold List as well as topping the bill on Travel+Leisure’s reader-voted Best City Hotels in Mexico 2023. Keep reading to find out six reasons this property is consistently one of our favorites!


1. History in Design

Casa de Sierra Nevada’s layout is a little different to a typical hotel, comprising six 17th and 18th century mansions known as ´casonas´ scattered over the grounds. Each one whispers tales of a bygone era, inviting guests to uncover the history woven into each unique space. Take Casa Principal, where a glimpse into the wine cellar reveals echoes of a colonial past, here, a tunnel once connected the house to the nearby church. Meanwhile, Casa Palma’s serene garden boasts a circular stone adorned with intricate carvings, a poignant homage to pre-Hispanic culture, while poolside arches crafted from stone salvaged from the garden echo the grandeur of aqueducts. Venture into Casa Limon, and you’ll discover stone-carved fireplaces adorned with floral motifs in the Tequitqui style, a captivating fusion of Spanish and pre-Columbian elements that speak to the resilience of indigenous communities throughout periods of evangelization.

belmond san miguel allende casas
belmond san miguel allende courtyard
belmond san miguel allende arches

2. Craftmanship Meets Comfort

Step into a world where old-world charm meets contemporary luxury. Each corner of this exquisite hotel reflects the essence of Mexico, enveloping guests in history and comfort. With 37 rooms and suites spread across the meticulously restored ´casonas´, guests are treated to a one-of-a-kind stay. Every room and suite is a testament to Mexican craftsmanship, adorned with local artwork, dark wood furniture, ornate woodwork, and Mexican-tiled bathrooms featuring polished copper sinks. Curved ceilings, functioning wood-burning fireplaces, stucco walls, and elaborately embroidered linens add to the ambiance, capturing the spirit of San Miguel de Allende. Accommodations boast views of the city, gardens, or courtyards, and all offer modern comforts like king beds, personal butler service, and LCD televisions, seamlessly integrated into the period aesthetic. For those seeking an extra touch of indulgence, Deluxe Suites feature bronze, freestanding bathtubs large enough for two, and the Parroquia Suite boasts views of the iconic Parish of San Miguel plus a private plunge pool on the terrace.

belmond san miguel allende room

3. Rooftop Wining & Dining

Casa de Sierra Nevada has elevated one of our favorite things to do in the city – eat and drink at a rooftop bar! In collaboration with Handshake, Mexico City’s renowned speakeasy bar honored among “The World’s 50 Best Bars,” guests are treated to an unparalleled mixology experience at Tunki Rooftop Bar. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking views overlooking the city’s picturesque domes and the pink parish, Tunki invites guests to unwind with innovative cocktails and small plates inspired by Peruvian cuisine. From pioneering concoctions to inventive twists on classics, each sip and bite is a celebration of creativity and flavor. Adding to the charm, every piece of furniture adorning the rooftop has been thoughtfully sourced from local artisans in San Miguel de Allende and Guadalajara, offering a touch of authenticity to complement the experience.

rooftop bar in san miguel allende

4. Creative Heritage

At Casa de Sierra Nevada, art isn’t just decoration—it’s a vibrant expression of San Miguel’s cultural legacy. Belmond’s commitment to fostering artistic collaborations resonates deeply with the city’s eclectic heritage, from the bohemian spirit of the 1960s beatniks to the modern-day international artistic community. Currently, guests can immerse themselves in the creative process through partnerships with esteemed artists like Hermes Arroyo and Betsabée Romero. Arroyo’s captivating ‘mojigangas’ workshop invites guests to craft their own miniature versions of these striking papier-mâché characters, celebrating Mexican folk art at the hotel’s Artist Corner in Casa Parque. Meanwhile, Romero’s evocative interventions for the Day of the Dead 2023 festivities breathed new life into spaces like Andanza restaurant and select facades of the hotel. Look out for more workshops and exhibitions at the hotel with Betsabée later this year!

5. Spa

After getting immersed in the fairytale charm of San Miguel, indulging in some pampering at Casa de Sierra Nevada’s Laja Spa is the perfect way to unwind. Named after the picturesque river that meanders through Guanajuato state, the spa offers a tranquil retreat where ancient traditions of healing and rejuvenation come to life. Drawing on the timeless wisdom of indigenous communities, treatments at Laja Spa incorporate medicinal herbs, therapeutic massage techniques, and the purifying essence of copal smoke to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. Set within an Old-World cottage ambiance, with three intimate treatment rooms adorned with fireplaces and low ceilings, the spa provides a sanctuary for guests to relax and renew.

6. Sazón Cooking School

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with the Sazón Cooking Class, a beloved experience at Casa de Sierra Nevada. Housed within the walls of a splendid 18th-century mansion, this immersive cooking school invites guests to explore the vibrant world of Mexican cuisine. Whether delving into the bold flavors and rich history of regional favorites or mastering the art of creating elegant modern dishes, participants are guided through every step of the culinary process by expert chefs. The adventure begins with a visit to a bustling local market before a hands-on session in the kitchen as participants learn traditional techniques and culinary secrets – a true feast for the senses!

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belmond casa sierra nevada san miguel allende journey mexico sazon cooking class

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