10 New Experiences to Add to Your Mexico Trip in 2024

What a ride 2023 has been, and we’re excited to share a collection of sensational travel experiences to take your Mexican escapades to the next level in 2024! We created these adventures to connect you to a kaleidoscope of artistic wonders, the beating heart of vibrant cities, nature’s jaw-dropping marvels, and the cultural curiosities that make Mexico unique. The experiences below can be added to any personalized itinerary that includes accommodation – get ready for authenticity and plenty of ´wow´ moments!




1. The Magic of Oaxaca City with Behind-the-Scenes Art Experience  

Get immersed in the magic of Oaxaca City, a place where past and present come together in a sensorial explosion. Think street performers, colorful facades and sizzling food stalls, surrealist folk art, hand-woven textiles and bustling markets that tell stories of generational tradition. See colonial history expressed through intricate churches and feel the pre-Columbian soul of the city, where over half of the population identifies as indigenous. Finish your exploration with an artistic twist at Quetzalli Gallery, where the renowned curator and art critic, Guillermo Santos, will guide you through the contemporary pieces on display. 

Oaxaca Day of the Dead


2. Ancestral Cuisine in Portozuelo: A Community-led Culinary Experience

Curated by renowned chef, Alejandro Ruiz, this culinary adventure takes you on a journey into the heart and soul of Oaxacan cuisine in Zimatlán village. Hosted by La Raya community, connect to sustainable practices exploring the orchard, farm, and compost area, before relaxing in an open-air kitchen fueled by wood and charcoal as skilled cooks guide you through the richness of local flavors, ancient techniques, and the deep-rooted traditions of the region. Get ready to uncover specialties like memelitas, chicharrón, and guajes!
foodie tour in oaxaca in portozuelo woman over comal


3. Uncover the Flavors of Mezcal: A Private Tasting Session

 If you have a passion for mezcal or a penchant for spirits, this one´s for you. Enjoy an intimate tasting session in a historic, colonial-style house in Oaxaca City. As you´re guided through the distinct aromas and notes of an insider curation of mezcals, learn about this magical spirit´s fascinating origins and history. Your hosts work closely with the local mezcal families whose craftsmanship preserves ancestral elaboration processes, giving this mezcal experience added meaning. 

private mezcal tasting tour in oaxaca


4. Oaxaca’s Art Scene: Workshop Hopping

Oaxaca City is a hub of artistic expression, from bold street art and fantastical carved ´alebrijes´, to the cultural identities conveyed through embroidered dresses. Join the celebrated art expert, Guillermo Santos, as you visit up to three local workshops that specialize in a range of creative fields, like painting, textiles, graphics, and sculpture. This insider experience not only offers you a fast track into the city´s vibrant arts scene, but also allows you to cultivate a deeper connection with the creators behind the artwork. 

art gallery tour in oaxaca at quetzalli





5. Kayaking in the Yucatán Peninsula at Chuburná with a Hidden Beach Picnic

 Get off the beaten path and bask in the Yucatán Peninsula`s natural beauty with a trip to the coastline north of Mérida. Explore a pristine area of mangrove forest by kayak, paddling through peaceful channels that lead to a crystalline natural spring. A private lunch will be served on a secluded beach, where you can enjoy local flavors alongside breathtaking views. Tip: Visit between September and April to see flamingoes in their natural habitat. 

kayak tour in yucatan peninsula with flamingos at chuburna maya community



6. Uxmal Maya Ruins & Lunch by a Private Hidden Cenote

  The ancient Maya civilization is revered for its extraordinary engineering, astronomical, and social achievements. Dive into the stories of the past with a private expert at Uxmal – one of the Yucatán´s most important Maya archaeological sites – as you observe important temples, quadrangles and monuments. Finish the afternoon in the awesome beauty of a private cenote, a native natural wonder that was held sacred in Maya culture. You´ll have these fresh, crystalline waters all to yourself, with the added luxury of a catered lunch. Swim, relax, eat, and try your hand at making tortillas if the mood takes you! 

cenote tour in the yucatan peninsula



7.  The Milpa Alta Route: Sustainable Agriculture & Mexico’s Culinary Heritage

 This multifaceted gastronomic experience showcases the ingredients and flavors of Mexican culinary heritage while taking you behind the scenes at La Ruta de Milpa Alta. The project connects rural fields south of Mexico City, working with local families to revive sustainable agricultural techniques and uphold the farming lifestyle as a noble way to earn a living. Learn about pre-Hispanic crops that are still staples today as you visit corn and nopal cactus fields, grind ´mole´ sauce the traditional way, and transform corn kernals into Mexican specialties at a hands-on workshop. Finish with a 4-course signature lunch dreamed up by renowned chef, Jorge Córcega. 

tour in mexico city to milpa alta nopal cactus and corn husk cleaning


8.  Chinampas & Axolotls in Xochimilco: Nature & Conservation in Mexico City

Led by the environmental education and conservation non-profit, REEDUCA, this meaningful experience takes you back in time to Mexico City´s pre-colonial past. In a gondola-style traditional boat, explore the back channels of Xochimilco, a hidden natural oasis that feels far removed from the bustling megalopolis. Visit a working ´chinampa´ and learn about the efforts to rescue this ingenious Aztec crop technique, enjoy lunch prepared with love by local cooks, and meet the quirky axolotl salamanders that call Xochimilco´s canals home. Read more about our Xochimilco and axolotl tour here.

xochimilco tour cuemanco dock nature mexico city sunrise



9. Beyond the Buzz: Explore the Roma & Condesa Neighborhoods Through an Insider Lens

Feel like a local as you get to know La Roma and La Condesa with your guide, David,  a born and raised New Yorker who has lived in Mexico City for over three decades. As a seasoned journalist and the author of two award-winning books that vividly capture the essence of the city, your expert has unique insights into the capital’s trendiest neighborhoods. Explore modern influences and timeless traditions, diverse architecture, and the bustling sights and sounds of daily life.  

what we love about cdmx - mexico city trending - la roma neighborhood


10. Uncover Mexico City´s Historic Center, Murals & Cantinas

 On another insider adventure with David, unveil seven centuries of society in Mexico City´s historical center, decode captivating murals and hear the stories about the artists, and feel like a local at your guide´s favorite cantina. With David´s unique grasp of the capital´s culture, this is an amazing opportunity to get under the skin of one of the world´s most dynamic cities.  




3 Night-  Day of the Dead in Mexico City: Join the Celebrations

On this purposeful 4-day Day of the Dead tour through Mexico City, become part of Mexico´s vibrant  traditions. Heartfelt remembrances, artistic expression and age-old customs come together in a meaningful celebration of life. Explore displays at renowned museums and admire intricate altars dedicated to lost loved ones, join tributes at a local cemetery, create your own personalized altar-making experience, and indulge in a gastronomic adventure.    mexico city day of the dead tour dia de los muertos skulls


6 Night –  Day of the Dead in San Miguel Allende: Enchanting Celebration of Souls

Embark on an authentic Día de Muertos tour in the UNESCO World Heritage city of San Miguel de Allende. Guided by one of our local experts, go deeper into the history, traditions, and meaning of a cherished celebration that’s as vibrant as it is profound. Our exclusive itinerary is interwoven with cultural immersion and exchange to give you a genuine experience of this legendary festival.

dia muertos dead cdmx catrina tour




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