Adventure in Chiapas: Ziplines, Waterfalls, and Ruins

Days: 8

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Immerse yourself in Chiapas, a trip that is a perfect mixture of adventure, nature, and cultural history in Mexico as you explore jungles, and mountains, waterfalls and archaeological sites.

Chiapas Zip LineThis Adventure in Chiapas trip was designed to provide the perfect mixture of adventure, nature, and cultural history in Mexico. On this trip, you will explore the jungles and mountains of the area with a bird’s eye view by ziplining through the tree-tops through the winds of the ravine. You will have the chance to take in the majestic beauty of one of the region’s waterfalls, measuring over 100 feet in height, as well as to swim in the refreshing water from the falls. A trip to northern Chiapas will take you to the archaeological site of Palenque, an ancient Mayan city acknowledged as one of the greatest achievements of ancient man.



Sumidero Canyon- Enjoy a private boat trip of the  this marvelous canyon where the innumerable waterfalls and sheer cliff walls leave a breathtaking response on all those who view this natural wonder

San Juan Chamula & Zinacantan – Visit these indigenous villages  to explore the culture and learn the traditions of the Mayans

Agua Azul  & Misol Ha – Experience the beauty of the aqua-blue waters in the jungle and further witness and explore the magical waterfall, Misol Ha

Palenque  – Visit and explore archaeological sites that were important to Mayan civilization

Yaxchitlan & Bonampak – Explore Mayan culture by visiting these important sites located in the Lacandon Rainforest

Villahermosa – Discover La Venta Park Museum, which treasures one of the largest collections of artifacts belonging to the Olmec culture.

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Customizable Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival to Chiapas
You will be picked up at the airport in Tuxtla Gutierrez and taken on a private transfer to colonial highland town of San Cristobal de Las Casas. In route you will take boat trip along the river thru the Sumidero Canyon, with its walls that measure thousands of feet in height. At arrival check into your lovely hotel and enjoy rest of evening at leisure. Overnight: Casa del Alma Boutique Hotel & Spa

Day 2

Zipline and Hiking
Today after breakfast you will be taken on a short drive to a beautiful natural recreational park which is one of 7 ecological sites surrounding San Cristobal and is typical of the natural existing beauty all throughout the state of Chiapas. The park is most well known for a large stone arch that crosses the river Fogotico. Enjoy a day of excursion that include ziplining and exploring the interior caves with stalactites and twisted rock formations.  Besides the arch and river that winds through the park there are trails with an abundance of vegetation, oak, pine and cypress trees for those who like to hike.
Overnight: Casa del Alma Boutique Hotel & Spa

Day 3

San Juan Chamula and Zinacantán
Today you will take a privately guided tour of the indigenous towns of San Juan Chamula and Zinacatan. Explore the city, take in the sights and sounds, photograph the local architecture, and converse with the locals. Overnight: Casa del Alma Boutique Hotel & Spa

Day 4

Agua Azul Waterfalls
Today after breakfast and hotel check out, you will travel with an expert guide to visit an incredible waterfall that stands more than 100 feet tall. You’ll also have the chance to cool off in the natural pools that form along the river below the falls. This region is a typical example of the rainforest of Chiapas’s highlands, consisting of rich vegetation and towering Mahogany and Sapodilla trees.
Overnight:  Hotel boutique Quinta Cha Nab Nal

Day 5

Palenque and Misol-Ha
Today begins with a trip north to the archaeological site of Palenque. This site had a remarkable cultural development until the late Classic period. Palenque is a site of outstanding architectural beauty and aesthetic importance, which makes this unique city, situated in the middle of the jungle, one of the greatest creations of the ancient men. After exploring the ruins of Palenque, you will visit another beautiful waterfall called Misol-Ha, which comes from the word meaning “sweep, or fall of water”.
Overnight:  Hotel boutique Quinta Cha Nab Nal

Day 6

Yaxchilan and Bonampak
Early this morning you will depart with your expert guide for an unforgettable excursion (10-11 hours) to the remote Mayan archaeological sites of Yaxchilan and Bonampak located deep in the Lacandon Jungle. Enjoy breakfast en route, the round trip boat trip (approximately 1 hour in total).   As you explore the ruins the calls of the large troops of howler monkeys remind you just how far from modern civilization you are and how powerfully alive the Lacandón forest remains.  After time to take in these surprising illustrations, we head backue back to Palenque arriving  to our lovely hotel in the late afternoon.
Overnight:  Hotel boutique Quinta Cha Nab Nal

Day 7

After breakfast and hotel check out you will meet your guide for a private transfer to Villahermosa City  at arrival you will visit La Venta Park Museum, which treasures one of the largest collections of artifacts belonging to the Olmec culture. This site was designed, organized and assembled by the poet Carlos Pellicer, Tabasco, its inauguration was held on March 4, 1958. Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure.
Overnight:  Hotel Quinta Real Villahermosa,

Day 8

Departure from Villahermosa
Today you will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.

San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristobal de las Casas

Sumidero Canyon

Private Boat Ride in Sumidero Canyon

Zipline Adventure

San Lorenzo Zinacantan

San Juan Chamula

San Juan Chamula

San Juan Chamula

Agua Azul


Misol Ha




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