Jose Luis Gonzalez

Director of Customer Service

Meet Jose Luis, our Customer Service representative based in Mexico City. Jose Luis has an interesting life story, traveling much of the world starting at a young age and working an array of different jobs as an adult, all which have contributed to his versatile skill set and friendly personality.

Jose Luis was born in Spain, grew up in Belgium, and studied in the USA. His resume includes certified park ranger, winter ski instructor, friendly cable guy, DMV Manager, and even employed in the Merchant Marine Academy! After acquiring many skills and talents, it wasn’t until he took time off for a year long backpacking trip that he realized the tourism industry is where he wanted his professional career.  After touring much of the world during his trip, he became one of TREK America’s most popular guides, helping hundreds of people discover the beautiful cultures and landscapes across this Earth.

Of all the wonderful places he has seen across the seven continents, Mexico won his heart and is now his home. Between his love for Mexico and passion for assisting people, Journey Mexico is a perfect match for Jose Luis. Jose Luis thrives on customer interaction and satisfaction. He loves problem solving and exceeding people’s expectations and is sure to uphold and even improve Journey Mexico’s already high standards for travelers and service.

While it’s no secret that customer service is one of the most demanding and pressuring jobs, Jose Luis does balance his life with hobbies and free-time. He loves to spend time with his family and treasures every minute with them, whether he’s cooking for his wife, stacking legos with his son, or playing sports games in the yard! He also enjoys scuba diving, walking his dog, and eating out.

If you ever need to chat with Jose Luis, he’s just a phone call, email, or skype message away!

Jose Luis’s Favorite Place in Mexico? Xcacel Beach, Yucatan


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