Los Cabos Gastronomy & Restaurant Guides

Los Cabos is a Garden of Eden located to the south of the Baja California Peninsula. Besides vast beaches, huge rock formations and comfortable hotels to spend a luxury vacation, this destination features a delicious cuisine based on seafood. Fresh delicacies are served every day on Los Cabos’ tables, coming from the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean: fish, shellfish, and animals you probably never imagined could be eaten.

The chocolate clams are typical of the Baja California coasts. They measure about 2 ¾ inches and there is plenty of meat inside their shells. They are prepared roasted in their shells or tatemadas –cooked upside down on a bed of stones with dried romerillo or chamizo –and are served with flour tortillas and sauces. Among the most typical dishes are fish tacos, which you
will be able to find almost anywhere. There also are shrimp and octopus tacos; these are served with zucchini, guacamole and cream. If you prefer, you can order a golden brown roasted crab or a smoked marlin tostada.

And how about crushed stingray? There probably is no other place where you will be able to taste this delicacy. It has diced tomatoes and green chile, onion and cilantro, dried stingray meat and bay leaf. Everything is fried and then simmered. It is served on a flour tortilla, as if it were a burrito.

Accompany your dishes with a glass of Baja California wine, a clamato –a mixture of tomatoes, onions, celery, spices and a touch of clam –, pitahaya juice or Damiana liqueur, a powerful drink good for the digestion and for relaxing./ visitmexico.com


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