Volcano Mountain Climbing Expedition


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Days: 10


Embark on our thrilling Volcano Mountain Climbing Expedition and conquer two beautiful Mexican volcanoes in one trip.

Begin this ten-day journey with a cultural exploration of Mexico City, visiting its iconic landmarks as a private guide uncovers the city’s mysteries.

Then, strap on hiking boots and tackle the first volcano, La Malinche, climbing through a changing landscape and enjoying stunning views. After the descent, relax in the colonial city of Puebla, before traveling to Iztaccíhuatl to make the second ascent of the trip.

Having conquered two volcanoes, travel back to Mexico City, taking a private tour of the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan before departing Mexico.



Mexico City – Explore the icons of the capital, including the main plaza (Zócalo), Basílica de Guadalupe, and the nearby Teotihuacan ruins.

La Malinche – Scale this active volcano named after the lover and interpreter of Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortes.

Puebla – Spend a day resting in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Puebla, wandering its cobblestone streets and enjoying the local restaurants.

Paso de Cortes – Hike the route that Hernán Cortes took to reach the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City).

Iztaccíhuatl – Set off at midnight to scale this famous dormant volcano, tackling volcanic sand and a glacier.

Day 1: Arrival to Mexico City

After arriving at Mexico City International Airport, enjoy a private transfer to the luxurious hotel. Spend the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing, enjoying the many elite facilities at the hotel.

Journey Mexico can also make restaurant recommendations for those who would like to explore the capital’s world-class culinary scene.


Day 2: Mexico City private tour

Dive into the capital’s rich culture with a half-day privately guided tour of its most famous landmarks. Travel to the four corners of the Zocalo, the giant central plaza home to a grand cathedral, Aztec ruins, and a towering Mexican flag.

Listen as the guide unravels the secrets of the capital, from its Aztec past to its current standings as one of the most important cities on the planet.


Day 3: Orientation

Depart Mexico City, heading to Pueblo Magico Huamantla for lunch before continuing to the mountain refuge near La Malinche volcano.

In this lodge, which is operated as part of IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institution), listen to a mountaineering orientation and explanation about the equipment, apparel, and the strategy for ascending La Malinche.


Day 4: La Malinche climb

Depart at 3am to attempt the first peak of La Malinche on foot. Hike through an ever-changing landscape, which goes from forests, to open spaces, through volcanic ash/sand to glacial material.

The only technical equipment needed is a walking stick and a headlamp (for the first few hours of the ascent).

Climb 1,161 meters (3,831ft) over approximately 10km (6 miles). Having conquered the volcano, enjoy a private transfer to Puebla and an evening to relax.


Day 5: Day at leisure in Puebla

Enjoy a day in Puebla at leisure. Stroll its cobblestone streets, admiring its colonial architecture, and dipping into the local restaurants.

Also take this time to pick up any purchases needed for the next volcano climb.


Day 6: Iztaccíhuatl

Take a private transfer to Paso de Cortes, the route which Hernán Cortes took to arrive at Mexico City, and register with the National Park to climb Iztaccihuatl.

After, continue to Altzomoni Refuge to spend the night.


Day 7: Iztaccíhuatl Ayoloco

Today, ascend to the second camp, Ayoloco, on foot. Travel through open grasslands, volcanic ash, and glacial material. The only technical equipment needed is a piton to use as a walking aid.


Day 8: Iztaccíhuatl descent and Mexico City

Set off at midnight to reach the summit on foot, passing through volcanic ash/sand and glacial material before reaching the glacier. Once on the glacier, use a piolet, crampons, and rope to navigate safely.

The maximum inclination of the glacier is 45 degrees, and the minimum inclination is 30 degrees. After reaching the top, return to the base where a private transfer back to Mexico City will be waiting. Gain a total of 686m (2,263 ft) and descend a total of 1,468m (4844ft).


Day 9: Teotihuacan ruins tour and Basilica de Guadalupe

Embark on a culture-filled day, visiting the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan and the famous Basilica de Guadalupe. At Teotihuacan, see the celebrated Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.


Day 10: Departure day

Enjoy a private transfer from the hotel to Mexico City Airport for departure flights home.


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