Ancient Maya Ruins on the Usumacinta River



Hours: 9


Uncover the ancient world of the Maya people who lived near the Usumacinta River, the dividing water between modern day Mexico and Guatemala.

Choose between two carefully crafted adventures (or enjoy both). The first takes you across the Mexico-Guatemala border to Piedras Negras, a once-great Maya city now shrouded in jungle foliage. You’ll journey across the great Usumacinta River with an expert guide before exploring the site which lies far off the typical tourist route.

The second takes you to Plan de Ayutla, an archeological site thought to be the legendary Maya city of Sak T’zi. After touring this once-forgotten city with an expert guide, head to Bonampak, nearby ruins famous for their vibrant and often brutal depictions of Maya life.



Piedras Negras – Head into the Guatemalan jungle to discover this ancient Maya city and learn all about its known history

Plan de Ayutla – Visit the legendary site of Plan de Ayutla, thought to be a long-lost ancient Maya city

Bonampak – Discover this celebrated site to see the famous murals which provided us with key insights into ancient Maya life


Guatemalan Jungle Tour to the Ancient City of Piedras Negras

Location: 7am at your hotel lobby
Duration: 9 hours
Includes: Bilingual guide, bottled water and private round-trip transportation

Strap on your walking boots and journey deep into the Guatemalan jungle to visit Piedras Negras, a once-powerful Maya city far off the typical tourist route.

The adventure starts, after breakfast, with a private transfer to the Usumacinta River, where you will board a boat to take you to the Guatemalan side. Back on dry land, take a short trek through the jungle until you reach the ruins of Piedras Negras.

With your expert guide, explore this historically fascinating site. Learn all about the ancient city’s incredible past, including its battles with the nearby Maya city of Yaxchilán, and how scholar Tatiana Proskouriakoff cracked the Maya hieroglyphs here to bring the Classical Maya world to life.

Having fully explored this ancient Maya wonder, head back through the forest, and enjoy a private transfer to your hotel.

Please note: Piedras Negras is located in the Guatemalan jungle, which means we need to pass a military inspection point and walk through jungle foliage. At the end of our visit, we trace our steps back to the boat at Usumacinta and return to the hotel.


Mysteries of the Maya Revealed: Private Tour to Plan de Ayutla and Bonampak

Location: 9am at your hotel lobby
Includes: Bilingual guide, bottled water, and private round-trip transportation

Witness history in the making with a private tour of Plan de Ayutla, an archeological site believed to be the legendary Maya city of Sak T’zi.

As you explore the site with your expert guide, listen to the stories surrounding this recently rediscovered city while visiting its ruins, some of which are still being excavated.

After, visit the nearby ruins of Bonampak to see its famed frescoes inside the Templo de las Pinturas. These unrivaled artworks provide a gruesome insight into the ancient Maya world, showing vivid depictions of bloodletting, battles, and torture.

Having explored both sites, enjoy a private transfer back to your hotel.