Kohunlich & Bacalar Lagoon Air Expedition (Private)


Destination:  ,

Hours: 10.5


Enjoy a spectacular day expedition that in which you will visit the archaeological site of Kohunlich and Bacalar Lagoon.

Enjoy a spectacular day expedition that in which you will visit the archeological site of Kohunlich, where investigators and the INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia) has invested a lot of funds to study and recover very important artifacts as well as Bacalar Lagoon, known as the lagoon of the seven colors because of the blue spectrum that changes at sunrise or sunset. In Bacalar  you can swim or even take part of a private Kayaking Tour on the turquoise and calm waters of this amazing lagoon.

Kohunlich is the most extensively studied site in the south of Quintana Roo, and the one with most areas open to public. The name Kohunlich comes from the English name Cohun Ridge, an old logging camp located in the area around the 1920s and 1930s and named for the cohune or American oil palm. The city was founded around 200BC, when some masonry platforms where built in the vicinity of the Ya’axna complex, the oldest in the City. It is not until 600 to 900 AD that Kohunlich became an enormous settlement and most of the structures which can still be seen today where built. Kohunlich is a city where we can find combinations of different styles of Mayan architecture – all settled in a beautiful clearing in the jungle and carpeted with soft green grass which contrasts with the bare stone of the buildings.


You will be picked up in your hotel lobby by your expert guide and privately transferred in a deluxe vehicle to the Cancun private airport (transfer time varies depending on the location of your hotel), where you will have a speedy check in for your unforgettable flight.

You will fly in your privately chartered plane to the Kohunlich airport (1:30 Hours); you gain an unusual and unique perspective of the Riviera Maya coast first and the flat but lush topography as well as dozens of  Cenotes” or Wells and lagoons of the Yucatan Peninsula. Upon arrival to Kohunlich your deluxe vehicle awaits to transfer you privately to the archeological site of Kohunlich (5 minutes).

After Kohunlich, you will be transferred to the Bacalar Lagoon (1 hour) where you will be meeting your Kayaking Guides that will be ready to guide you for an unforgettable 3 hour excursion over the turquoise waters of the Bacalar Lagoon; lunch will be served in between the Kayaking tour and will be set up in‐style as a deluxe picnic. Upon your return from the Kayaking tour you will be transferred back to Kohunlich Airport for your flight back to the Cancun FBO.

Tentative Time Table for this Expedition:

  • 07:00 Meet your Tour Guide and private Transfer from your Hotel to the FBO Airport (Cancun). – 30minutes.
  • 07:30 Arrive to FBO Airport and meet you Pilot prior boarding your Aircraft. Take‐off and flight to Kohunlich. – 1:30 hours.
  • 09:00 Landing in Kohunlich Air‐strip and transfer to Archeological Site. – :05 minutes
  • 09:05 Start of Guided visit of Kohunlich. – up to 1:30 hours.
  • 10:30 End of visit and drive to Bacalar for Kayaking Expedition. – up to 1 hour.
  • 11:30 Meet your Kayaking guides and start 3 hour expedition (lunch included) – up to 3:30 hours.
  • 14:30 End of Kayaking Tour and on the return to the Kohunlich Air‐Strip. – up to 1 hour.
  • 15:30 Take‐off and flight to Cancun Airport. 1:30 hours.
  • 17:00 Landing in Cancun Airport and transfer to your Hotel.
  • 17:30 Arrive back to your Hotel.

Important notes:

  • The use of private aviation is required in order to do this expedition in only one day
  • Following our recommended start time below, you will avoid the peak visitation hours.
  • Following our recommended start time below, you will avoid the mid‐day peak temperatures.
  • Our expedition offers you a fully private service which offers flexibility to prolong your visit, enjoy an extended lunch and/or visit of Bacalar Village with its fortress.

This expedition includes:

  • Private Flight on Cessna 208 Grand Caravan (12 seats + pilot)
  • Certified expert bi-lingual guide a+ escort
  • Deluxe picnic lunch and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Cool bottled water throughout the expedition
  • Entrance fees to Kohunlich
  • Private kayaking expedition
  • Ground transportation in Deluxe Suburban (up to 6 guests) or Mercedes Benz Sprinters (up to 12 guests).
  • Airport departure taxes
  • Gratuities for your Tour Guide, and Drivers

What should you bring with you?

Comfortable walking shoes – preferable close toe shoes (no flip flops); change of clothes if you want to swim in Cenote; sun block; sun glasses; hat; camera and money for eventual souvenirs. Important: full names of all participants are required at time of booking.