Chiapas Indigenous Market Tours



Hours: 4 - 8


Discover the indigenous markets of Chiapas with three fully immersive tours: the first to Tenejapa Market; the second to San Juan Cancúc Market; and the third to Zinacantan and San Juan Chamula markets.

Whether you choose to take all three over several days or pick just one or two, you will be rewarded with an adventure far off the tourist route.

For each, you will be accompanied by a bilingual, expert guide who will lead you through the markets and explain all about the products on show.

Speak to the vendors (through your guide if necessary) and browse their hand-made, traditional pieces. Along the way, learn about the local indigenous population with expert insight from your guide.



Tenejapa Indigenous Market – Head to the highlands to tour this gorgeous and colorful traditional market.

San Juan Cancúc Market – Experience San Juan Cancúc’s traditional market as a local would with the help of an expert guide.

Zinacantan and San Juan Chamula markets – Visit two of Chiapas’ most famous markets in one day, perusing stalls of traditional, hand-made products.

Tenejapa Indigenous Market Tour

Location: 8am at Tenejapa Market
Duration: 4 hours
Includes: Bilingual guide and water

Journey into the Chiapan highlands to immerse yourself in Tenejapa’s traditional Thursday market, one of the most colorful markets in the region.

En-route, stop off at El Arcotete, a gorgeous limestone arch with beautiful geological formations. You may also visit the town of Cruzton to try the locally produced bread and to see the towering Maya crosses at the Romerillo Cemetery

Upon arrival in Tenejapa, visit the market stalls as your expert bilingual guide explains all about the regional and indigenous products on offer. Speak to the sellers (through your guide if needed) and pick up one of the brightly colored textile wares for which the market is famous.

After fully immersing yourself in this wonderful indigenous market, finish the experience by visiting the 16th century Church of San Ildefonso before heading back to your hotel.


San Juan Cancúc Indigenous Market with Tenejapa Tour

Location: 8am at Mercado de San Juan Cancúc
Duration: 4 hours
Includes: Bilingual guide and water

Head to the indigenous town of San Juan Cancúc to explore its Saturday market with an expert guide.

En-route, stop at Tenejapa to visit the town’s 16th century Church of San Ildefonso. Along the way, you may also visit El Arcotete, a beautiful limestone arch, and Cruzton, where you’ll be able to sample locally produced bread and see the tall Maya crosses in the Romerillo Cemetery.

Upon arrival in San Juan Cancúc, tour the stalls mingling and interacting with the local sellers and population (translations provided by your guide if necessary). Browse the traditional, indigenous products on offer and pick up a gift or two for your loved ones before heading back to your hotel.


Zinacantan and San Juan Chamula Indigenous Markets Tour

Location: 8am at Zinacantan market
Duration: 7 – 8 hours
Includes: Bilingual guide and water

Go off-the-beaten-path to the indigenous market in Zinacantan and peruse stalls of locally made, hand-woven products.

Chat to the sellers (through your bilingual guide if needed) and pick up a unique gift for your loved ones back home.

After, head to San Juan Chamula, a town in the Chiapan highlands, which is home to the indigenous Tzotzil people. Explore its market with your guide and browse the traditional, hand-made textile products on offer.

Finally, travel to Magdalenas, a small village where local artisans weave intricate blouses and huipiles (a traditional tunic-like item worn by indigenous women in the region). Enjoy watching the artisans at work as they delicately craft their extraordinary pieces using traditional techniques.