Nomade Tulum


Type: Boutique

No. of Rooms: 39


Nomade Tulum is a bo-ho chic boutique hotel in Tulum.

Nomade, a bohemian chic hotel, invites you to get back to the simple pleasures in life. Created by architect Sebastian Sas, this boutique property offers a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of modern society. While yoga enthusiasts are drawn to Tulum, Nomade puts no expectations on guests, leading to a low-key and relaxing experience.

The Nomade was fashioned as a eco-friendly oasis for those open to learning and sharing, those ready to stir the soul and and free the mind. Spiritual healers and therapists provide workshops and talks “in a sacred land where the mind, body and soul will be delighted and fulfilled by mother nature.” The purity and beauty of the powdery white sand and turquoise water create an atmosphere of healing and calm.

That feeling of lightness is reflected in the property’s details, including boho accents like dream catchers and hammocks. Guests enjoy delicious vegetarian meals at communal tables in the dining area where square poufs surround low tables and hanging lanterns gently sway in the breeze. Sand walkways are flanked with wooden beams, and softly lit candles and torches light the way for guests to return to oceanfront rooms, outfitted with sumptuous linens and private terraces.

Enjoy the Nomade experience on a friends or family vacation with a stay at Villa Nomade.


The Ocean Front Cabañas offer spectacular views of the Mexican-Caribbean sea surrounded by white powder sand.

  • Bar/Lounge
  • Restaurants on site
  • Complimentary wi-fi
  • Concierge
  • Spa

As part of the Be Hotels group, Be Tulum´s sustainability program encompasses caring for the land and its people, as well as protecting biodiversity and encouraging the fair distribution of wealth. This is achieved through establishing mutually beneficial partnerships within the local community, alongside using science and research to inform decision making. On site, waste management strategies include the use of corn starch bags to replace plastic, the safe disposal of hazardous waste, participation in a waste separation program, reduction of the use of PET plastic, creating compost out of organic waste, recycling over 14 types of materials, and the use of biodegradable containers.  

 In 2020, Be Hotels started working towards carbon neutrality, buying carbon credits from the AMBIO Cooperative. Bonds equivalent to 1861 tons of co2 were acquired and invested in the Scolelté reforestation project in the state of Chiapas. The hotel group also created the initiative “We can BE the change” as a program that organizes beach cleanups with a team of permanent collaborators and the help of volunteers, removing over 10 tons of garbage per month. In addition to offering capacity building programs both within the company and in the tourism industry, employees have the opportunity to attend language sessions to learn and/or perfect English and French.